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Jason Momoa Goes on a High-Speed Killing Spree in ‘Fast X’ Trailer

Hold on to your steering wheels because the first trailer for the meagrely-anticipated Fast X is finally here. This whopping four-minute preview serves up a heaving pile of high-speed thrills in an approach that can only be described as quantity over quality – which is a pretty fair summation of the franchise overall. From the outset, the new Fast X trailer appears intent on shooting for the stars – (after all, that’s what happened in the last instalment), but despite its extravagant appearance, the penultimate film pays homage to its classic street racing roots. Of course, there’s also an OTT action scene featuring Vin Diesel’s car getting snagged by two harpoons, resulting in a hair-raising collision with two helicopters…Some things never change.

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Jason Momoa Fast X

Image: Giulia Parmigiani/ Universal Pictures

Fast X introduces some fresh talent to its cast, including the legendary Rita Moreno as Abuela Toretto and Jason Momoa, best known for his role as Aquaman, who takes on the part of Dante, the son of the infamous drug lord Hernan Reyes from Fast Five. Dante has aligned himself with Cipher, played by Charlize Theron, in a bid to defeat the Toretto clan who killed his father. This sets the stage for a classic battle between good and evil, with Dom and his family facing their most formidable adversary yet.

The film brings back beloved characters, including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, and John Cena, in the role of an even more jacked version of Dom’s brother. Excitingly, the Fast family grows even larger with the new addition of Brie Larson. Unfortunately, Dwayne Johnson’s character Luke Hobbs will not be making an appearance in this instalment, however, the absence of Hobbs is offset by the return of Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw and the addition of several high-profile actors.

Fast X trailer

Image: Universal Pictures

The film is directed by Louis Leterrier, taking over from Justin Lin, who, as the rumour goes, had to leave due to creative differences (or he just couldn’t handle the speed). In a recent interview with Empire, Leterrier said that he “brought (the franchise) back to earth,” presumably a nod to the absurd rocket car scene in F9. While the franchise’s return to solid ground is a welcomed change, the trailer hints that there will still be an abundance of mind-blowing stunts that seem to defy the laws of physics.

Fast X takes the Toretto family on a journey from Los Angeles to Rome, Brazil, London, Portugal, and even Antarctica as they try to stop Dante and Cipher from ruining the day. With a mind-blowing budget of $340 million, this film is guaranteed to be the most audacious and extravagant entry in the franchise yet, leaving us pondering where on earth the inevitable sequels will go. In fact, the entire premise of a subsequent follow-up has left us with more questions than answers. What becomes of the Fast Family’s eardrum-bursting adventures once the entire fleet of vehicles goes electric? Will the next villain be a self-driving vehicle powered by a rogue AI chatbot? Will this franchise ever die? Who knows!

Ready as ever to rev your engines, Fast X speeds into theatres on May 19. Check out the 4-minute trailer above. 

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