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How to Dress For Your Body Shape for Men

When dressing yourself in a proper fit, it’s sometimes hard to keep in mind how to accentuate your body shape. As much as that patterned red shirt looks regal on the rack, how does it look on? It’s already hard enough trying to find clothes you like, but when it doesn’t quite fit the way you want it to, you can’t help but doubt your shape and the way you’re built. The fact is, everyone’s physique is unique and different, and your body type shouldn’t stand in the way of elevating your style.

Rather, learning to emphasize the key aspects of your build can not only keep you looking sharp but can have you feeling confident in pieces you know spotlight your best features. Recognizing a variety of body types, focusing on the value of tailoring, and dressing for the body you have now, Man of Many has your one-stop guide on how to dress for your body shape.

5 Types of Male Body Shapes illustration
5 Types of Male Body Shapes | Image: Sportishka

5 Types of Male Body Shapes

There’s several types of male body shapes, none are the same, but these are among the most common to describe different physical figures.

James Corden in a suit
Oval Body Shape | Image: Jamie Mccarthy

1. Oval Body Shape

Characterized with slim shoulders and chest, along with wider waist and slim hips, the oval is a prominent body type among men. As the focus on ovals is trying to reduce the look of the waist area, you’ll want to focus on investing in pieces that have darker tones, or vertical stripes. Getting tailor made pants can also be paired with these colors to create a slimmed look.

Daniel Craig in a suit
Rectangle Body Shape | Image: RANKIN/Heineken

2. Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangles tend to be perfectly proportioned between the waist and hips. This body type is often easy to work with, and can play with prints and patterns. But be wary of vertical stripes as this can exaggerate your already rectangular shape.

David Walliams in a suit
Triangle Body Shape | Image: PA

3. Triangle Body Shape

The triangle shape similar to oval, has a wider waist. The shoulder area is much more narrow, so be prudent in using dark colors and try to accentuate your upper-half more, and narrow down your bottom-half.

Hugh Jackman in a suit
Trapezoid Body Shape | Image: Stefania D’Alessandro

4. Trapezoid Body Shape

With broad shoulders, wide chest, and a narrow waist, trapezoids are blessed with having one of the easiest body shapes to work with. Industry standards for off the rack clothing are usually fit to the trapezoid body type.

LeBron James in a suit
Inverted Triangle Body Shape | Image: Joe Robbins

5. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Top heavy with an accentuated waist, this body type is usually found among men who are athletes or spend a lot of time at the gym. For an inverted triangle, most articles of clothing are flattering. However with a bigger upper body, shirts tend to sag in other areas around the abdomen. If you really want to focus on showing off your figure, invest in polo shirts or V-necks. This draws attention to the chest making your shoulders look smaller, and clothes more fitted.

Your New Best Mate: The Tailor

Once you come across an ensemble that reflects both your style and accentuates your body, it’s time to take a stop at the tailor. These absolute-clothing-know-it-alls are your one stop shop in ensuring all your pieces are custom fit. From hemming pants to make them shorter, or taking in the seams of a shirt, the tailor not only keeps your clothes fitting properly but can also serve as a great style consultant.

Now that you have your proper fit together, and you’ve become best friends with your tailor, congratulations you’re probably looking handsome as hell. All that’s left is to throw some confidence into that stride. Your body is your own, and your style demonstrates you’ve chosen to feel good in your physical build. Own it! Confidence matters.

General FAQ

What clothes look good on my body type?

First, you need to figure out what kind of body shape you have. Go with simple basics then get them fitted at a tailor can be a starting point for understanding what clothes look good on your body type.

Is the inverted triangle body shape attractive on men?

According to several articles, the inverted triangle body shape is the idealized version of a male body type. Does that mean that it’s the most attractive form among men? Not necessarily. Again, it’s how you choose to accentuate your features that can elevate how attractive you look.

How can a man improve his dress sense?

Once you appropriately understand how to dress for your body type, start experimenting with ways to step up your fit game. Keep up with fashion trends, and use new items to compliment your classic pieces.

How do I find the right suit for my body?

Places like J. Crew and Banana Republic have trained professionals attentive and ready to help. Once you consult your local shop on the right suit for you, make sure to hit up your new best mate (the tailor) and see that your new attire emphasizes all the right places.

How do I choose a blazer for my body type?

When looking for a blazer, it’s all in the shoulders. This is the most important focal point with finding a fitted jacket. Figuring out your figure type can suggest what can of shoulders make up your build. Then, be sure that the blazer falls nicely around the waist and giving you an inverted triangle angle.

How do I know my figure type?

Estimate the proportions between your shoulders, chest, and waist.