20 Best Golf Clothing Brands To Keep Your Fashion Game On-Par

You might be a sultan of swing and a perfect putter, but are you rocking some of the best golf clothing brands? If not, you’re in for a treat because golf apparel brands have come a long way in relatively little time. It’s never been easier to bring some genuine style to the nearest green and further distinguish yourself from your competitors. Sometimes, it’s good to be over par.

Now that golf has officially been ruled as exercise by the Australian government, you are free to tackle the fairways as you please, provided you adhere to crowd and social distancing measures. If you are thinking about embarking on another 18 hole adventure, why not do it in style?

Here is a list of the 20 best golf clothing brands to hit up before you hit off next time.

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1. Castore

What was once described as the “world’s first truly premium sports brand” is also one of the best luxury golf apparel brands. If you want a golf shirt that will basically last forever, pick up the Keane Polo, aka the “most advanced polo in the world.”

Based in: England
Known for: technically advanced sportswear at premium prices

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2. Rhone

Looking for another golf apparel brand of luxurious allure? You’ve found one right here. Prepare to turn heads out there on the green; just make sure your golf skills can keep up.

Based in: Connecticut
Known for: premium polo shirts, innovative materials

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3. Lululemon

Another activewear brand of considerable quality, Lululemon has high-end fitness apparel on lock. Cool colours and technical fabrics result in a slew of next-level golf shirts, hats, socks, pants, and accessories.

Based in: Vancouver
Known for: broad selections, stylish designs, technical fabrics

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4. Uniqlo

Fashion meets function at this popular brand, which sticks to basic colours, low prices, and innovative fabrics. It’s been a fixture of the golfing world for a long time and with good reason, as most players don’t want to overthink the whole wardrobe process.

Based in: Japan
Known for: affordable prices, basic styles, high-performance fabrics

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5. Calvin Klein Golf

After all these years, Calvin Klein still manages to keep up with or even outpace modern trends and its golf wear is no exception. Stylish, lightweight, breathable, and bursting with quality, it will make you an instant convert.

Based in: New York
Known for: practical but unique designs, breathable fabrics, choice details

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6. TravisMathew

Striking a perfect balance between work and play, this top golf clothing brand captures the essence of Southern California style. Despite the laid-back vibe, TravisMathew still plays to win and so should you.

Based in: California
Known for: Southern California culture and lifestyle in apparel form

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7. Bonobos

The wrinkle-resistant dress pants from this New York-based label are the stuff of legend and its golf wear easily follows suit. Shop amongst various styles until something catches your eye…and something will catch your eye.

Based in: New York
Known for: diverse selection, breathable fabrics, approachable price points

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8. J Lindeberg

One of the best golf apparel brands comes to us from Diesel’s former head of marketing, aka Mr. J Lindeberg. Drawing from Swedish culture, Lindberg dispenses with his own unique template of high-performance style.

Based in: Sweden
Known for: unique colours and designs, huge selection, innovative fabrics

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9. Kjus

What do you get when an Olympic ski champion and Swiss entrepreneur team up to make activewear? One of the best skiwear and golf clothing brands in the world, naturally. With an emphasis on freedom of movement, these luxurious shirts and pants will do absolute wonders for your swing.

Based in: Switzerland
Known for: unrestricted fabrics designed to improve your game in any weather conditions

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10. Birds of Condor

Hailing from right here in Australia, this clever golf apparel brand takes inspiration from the rarest of accomplishments: a hole-in-one on a par five (aka a condor). The label’s background in surf and music lends each garment an Aussie edge and there’s nothing not to love about that.

Based in: Byron Bay
Known for: playful personality, quality construction, cheeky marketing

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11. Footjoy

If the best golf shoes and apparel were to go by any other name, that name might very well be the FJ 1958 Collection. This is the timeless art of golf wear executed to perfection, over and over again.

Based in: Massachusetts
Known for: classic golf apparel for the modern gentleman, handcrafted footwear, lifestyle clothing

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12. Ralph Lauren

Covering all their bases, Ralph Lauren offers two separate ranges of popular golf apparel. For all the traditional swingers out there, Polo Golf has just what you crave. Meanwhile, RLX Ralph Lauren steps outside the box and emanates with a youthful spirit. If nothing else, this is one of the best golf shirt brands in the world…not that we’re suggesting you stop there.

Based in: New York
Known for: a full spectrum of styles and fabrics for both on the course and off

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13. Under Armour

A game-changing brand if there ever was one, UA raised the ante on innovative fabrics and modern designs. That the brand brings the same tier of exceptionalism into the golf arena basically goes without saying.

Based in: Maryland
Known for: revolutionary fabrics, ample selection, modern designs, great prices

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14. G/FORE

Bridging the gap between old and new, G/FORE infuses classic aesthetics with strikingly modern materials. The brand’s golf pants might change your game, as will a pair of its signature shoes.

Based in: Beverly Hills
Known for: premium pants and shoes, signature designs, modern fabrics

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15. Dunning

Clean, classic, and quietly groundbreaking, Dunning golf wear delivers high performance at an affordable price. Don’t be fooled by the purposefully minimalist vibe: this is easily one of the best golf shirt brands, amongst other things.

Based in: Toronto
Known for: monochromatic colours, great prices, high-performance fabrics

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16. adidas

Already synonymous with iconic footwear, adidas also happens to be one of the planet’s best golf apparel brands. That starts with a healthy selection of golf shoes (of both the traditional and modern variety) before moving into premium polos, sweaters, shorts, and pants.

Based in: Germany
Known for: classic golf shoes, advanced golf shoes, striking apparel

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17. Hugo Boss

When it comes to golf wear, Hugo Boss is a boss indeed, and a surprisingly diverse one at that. Choose amongst a broad selection of styles and prices.

Based in: Germany
Known for: sharp designs, quality fabrics, ample range

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18. Nike

One of the biggest golf clothing brands of all time, Nike is a perennial front-runner that refuses to rest on its ubiquitous laurels. If it’s good enough for Tiger Woods, it’s good enough for you.

Based in: Oregon
Known for: advanced materials and designs, impressive range, global domination

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19. Wolsey

Classic colours meet quality fabrics at this UK-based brand, which manages to stay fresh in spite of its ancient origins. No matter what you’re looking for in golf wear, you’ll find it here.

Based in: England
Known for: an impressive range of colours and styles, high-performance fabrics

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20. Haus of Grey

Former NCAA All-American and professional golfer Travis Johnson played at courses around the world before launching this stellar sportswear brand. Matte Grey is the menswear division and it’s become a fixture at swanky country clubs and on PGA tours alike. Johnson is also the founder of TravisMathew, which he sold in 2017.

Based in: California
Known for: refreshing aesthetic, quality construction, reasonable price points

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General FAQ

What is the best golf apparel brands?

There are more golf apparel brands than ever before, including old school titans and new players alike. Some of the best are as follows: TravisMathew, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Rhone, Uniqlo, Lululemon, Bonobos, Haus of Grey, adidas, J Lindberg, and Castore.

What are the best golf shirts?

In recent years, the golf polo shirt has undergone new designs, colours, and materials. For proof, check out the Under Armour Tech Polo, which pairs classic design with innovative fabrics.

What kind of pants do golfers wear?

Traditionally, golfers wear long cotton or polyester trousers or dress shorts.

What should you not wear when golfing?

When golfing, you should avoid the following apparel: sweatshirts, dress shirts, suits, jeans, cargo shorts, yoga pants, track pants, and sweatpants.

Can I wear sneakers to golf?

Unless you want to look like an amateur, you should avoid wearing sneakers, tennis shoes, dress shoes, or sandals to the golf course. Pick up a pair of quality golf cleats instead.

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