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Masters of the air bomber jackets

3 Bomber Jackets Straight From the World of ‘Masters of the Air’

Currently streaming on Apple TV+, Masters of the Air follows the 100th Bomb Group as it squares off against Nazis at the height of World War II. Life and death hang in a constant balance as the airmen embark on a perilous mission inside German-occupied England. Some viewers are tuning in to catch Austin Butler in his latest role while others can’t get enough of the high-flying historical action. Meanwhile, at least a few viewers are asking themselves, “Where the heck can I get one of those awesome bomber jackets?!”

We can’t promise you planes or history lessons but we can tell you where to get a B-3 bomber jacket like the ones they wear in Masters of the Air. Each jacket touts a timeless silhouette with a leather-finished exterior and comfortable fleece lining, the kind that will keep a pilot nice and warm as they penetrate high altitudes inside unpressurised cabins. You don’t have to risk your life to wear one though you might give off a fearless vibe—call it the best of both worlds. Let’s get into it!

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Cockpit usa genuine b 3 bomber jacket z2102m
Cockpit USA Genuine B-3 Bomber Jacket Z2102M | Image: Cockpit USA

Cockpit USA Genuine B-3 Bomber Jacket Z2102M

Cockpit USA first developed this genuine bomber jacket in the late 1980s, combining vintage construction choices with modern updates such as the side-entry hand-warmer pockets. Featuring thick sheepskin on the inside and a Nappa leather finished exterior, it’s as timeless as they come.

B 3 flight jacket – sheepskin leather
AVI LEATHER B-3 Flight Jacket | Image: AVI LEATHER

AVI LEATHER B-3 Flight Jacket

Authentic flight wear and premium leather goods are the name of the game over at AVI LEATHER, the Denmark-based brand behind this handsome bomber jacket. The label took design cues from an original B-3 jacket when bringing it to life, implementing accurate details with painstaking precision. Lined in soft sheep wool, it’ll keep you cosy when the going gets cold and have you looking stealthy in the process.

Overland classic sheepskin b 3 bomber jacket
Overland Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket | Image: Overland

Overland Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket

Available in two distinct colourways, Overland’s Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket comes lined in ultra-comfortable UK Merino sheepskin. Bring in the sturdy Nappa leather finish exterior and you’re looking at a classic indeed.

And there you have it, three modern-day B-3 Bomber Jackets that will have you feeling like a WWII airman, minus the life-threatening missions and high altitudes. Wear one when cold weather strikes and don’t forget to stream Masters of the Air on Apple TV+.

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