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Orijin Keeps Your Fragrance Solid with Aroma 59

Spritz or dab. Those have been your options when it comes to applying cologne or perfume. Orijin Design Company has innovated a new application that keeps your fragrance in a solid state, and makes it easier to transport it. The new Aroma 59 Solid Fragrance will keep your favourite scent literally at your fingertips.

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1 orijin aroma 59

Image: Orijin

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The development of Aroma 59 was a two-year project for Orijin. The scent comes in a capsule-shaped container with a swivel top that grants access to the enclosed fragrance. The capsule is made of a Zamak alloy, which is a combination of aluminium, magnesium, and copper. That fragrance is found in a solid-state thanks to the wax base.

To apply the fragrance, you simply swipe your finger across the surface then apply that to your neck or wrist. Aroma 59 is offered in three scents—Del Mar, Arbol, and Vista. As you can guess from the name, each of the scents is inspired by natural elements, and in keeping with that inspiration, the fragrances are completely free of SLS, paragons, alcohol, and phthalates.

2 orijin aroma 59

Image: Orijin

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The Del Mar scent gets its inspiration from the fresh ocean breeze and salty mist of the west coast of the United States. Fro the Arbol scent, Orijin turned to the forest for its scents of earth, morning dew, and trees, mixing with the base notes of patchouli, amber, and musk. The final scent, Vista, takes you to the tops of the mountains, where you’ll experience rolling clouds and panoramic views riding on notes of rose, bergamot, and lily. The wax fragrances are refillable and are kept fresh and sealed inside the capsule.

Orijin’s innovative approach to your personal fragrance means you can always have a capsule of your signature scent with you to refresh your fragrance at a moment’s notice. You can participate in the crowdfunding campaign for Aroma 59, starting with pledges of $52.

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Orijin aroma 59

Image: Orijin

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