10 Short Hairstyles for Men

Nothing exudes manliness more than a short, well-maintained hairstyle. Despite the lack of length, this kind of hair gives professional stylists and barbers enough material to work wonders and dramatically improve a man’s look.

Depending on body type, preferred clothing, circumstances, face type and of course, on the hair itself, hairstyles can differ and suit some men more than others. Here is an overview of ten of the best short hairstyles for men.

simple undercut hairstyles

1. Simple Undercut

Sharp and clean, this hairstyle leaves no room for wrong impressions. Giving up the fade on the sides did not damage the overall style of a man opting to do his hair in this way. Cleanly shaved on the sides but with a richer top hair, this hairstyle can go well even with a more professional setting such as an interview or a business meeting.

Longer but rolled back with some product, the top hair will provide the basis of any new hairstyle that can be approached in the future. In this way, though harder to maintain than other hairstyles, the simple undercut is both practical and attractive.

popular haircut undercut fade

2. Undercut Fade

The undercut fade is one of the most popular hairstyles that can be seen nowadays. Coupled with a well-groomed mid-sized beard that leads to up into the fade, this variation of the undercut completes the appearance of any man.

With longer, upward-pointing top hair that elongates the face, the undercut fade is especially fit for men with round face types. With this hairstyle, straight hair can be turned into a strength, creating a manly outward aspect.

spiky undercut for men

3. Spike Undercut

The spike undercut is all about keeping the fade and altering the hair on top. Adding a few loose, upward leaning patches of hair can freshen the look and give men a sporty sort of look. The loose spikes can also be touched up with a dash of color in order to gain a more stylish appeal.

short side front bangs hairstyles

4. Short Side Front Bangs

Short-cut on the sides and longer in the front, this hairstyle can give the man who chose it an allure of mystery, hiding part of his face and even the eyes as it continues to grow. Boyish rather than manly, it however brings value to luscious, wavy hair even when it is kept at a shorter length.

At the same time, the short side front bangs hairstyle can easily be let to grow out at a later time, leaving long hairstyle options still on the table.

curly underside mens hairstyle

5. Curly Underside

A powerful trend in men’s hairstyles, the underside works well even with curly hair. Texture cut on the sides with a slight fade, this hairstyle gives curly hair unrestrained freedom only on the top.

By choosing this hairstyle, even curly haired men can sport the well-groomed look typical of short haircuts without losing the beauty of their naturally curled hair. Best of both worlds, the curly underside is therefore a viable hairstyle choice for men.

mens hairstyle curly top

6. Curly Top

Messy by definition, curly hair has its best short-length representative in the curly top. Kept short on the sides but longer in the front, this hairstyle creates the illusion of longer, richer hair without the hassle of actually having it.

Perfect for men with a skinnier physique, the curly top is easy to maintain and retains the charm and look of this type of hair and packs it into a short but effective hairstyle. Simple but anything except basic, this kind of hairstyle has is the perfect addition to an already handsome man.

popular fashion haircut caesar cut

7. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut, inspired by a fashion popular among men in ancient Rome, is a daring hairstyle that does not fit most men. Meant for those with a longer face, the Caesar cut combines textured cuts in the sides with a longer top hair, all carefully compact within the general look.

This hairstyle is especially recommended for men with a receding hairline or thinning hair. It can perfect hide both processes and maintain an outside appearance of power and confidence. Youthful yet restrained, the Caesar cut is both versatile and elegant.

side part hairstyle for men

8. Side Part

The side part is a hairstyle for men with short hair that will perhaps never go out of style. Safe and mature but charming at the same time, it gives off the feeling of a man who is confident enough in his appearance to not have to resort to a complicated hairstyle.

As such, depending on a number of other features, even personality, this hairstyle can perfectly fit a man who knows his worth. From midnight charmer to responsible father, the side part improves the look of men for a variety of roles.

modified crew cut

9. Modified Crew Cut

Modernizing a classic hairstyle, the modified crew cut keeps the musty and powerful look that a traditional crew cut has but adds a bit more personality. Similar to the high-and-tight, this hairstyle can be combined with a soft fade and made to look even better, depending on the face type.

asymmetrical cut

10. Asymmetrical Cut

A major downside in short hair for guys is that it can be extremely boring. Especially if it’s straight, short hair lacks the eye-catching qualities that long hair has in abundance. The asymmetrical hairstyle changes that and improves even the bland straight hair.

Longer on one side, including the front, the hair will naturally bend into a soft wave, framing the face and bringing the eyes into focus. In this way, even short hair can be made to carry sex-appeal and to garner the attention of the opposite sex.

These ten short hairstyles for men reunite different looks for curly, straight or wavy hair. Each of them has its strong points and fits perfectly with certain other features that need to be considered. However, if skillfully chosen and maintained, they can offer a look worthy of envy. Short hair can thus be made to compete in terms of style with long hair while still maintaining its professional, manly character.

Elaine Goodman is a hairstylist and hairstyle blogger. She has worked with various Austin-based salons in the past, but now she wants to open her own salon. She is a quick learner and always up-to-date with the latest hairstyles.