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$4,970 RIMOWA Violin Case is For Serious Fiddlers Only

RIMOWA needs no introduction. The German company is a global leader in the premium luggage market, and for good reason. The high-end brand has created many iconic pieces over the years, including the RIMOWA Champagne Case, the RIMOWA Original Pilot Case and the RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD Backpack.

And now, they’ve collaborated with the historic German brand GEWA on its latest iconic piece. The German duo have crafted the ultimate functional luxury case for violins.

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Rimowa x gewa violin case open

RIMOWA x GEWA Violin Case | Image: RIMOWA

Crafted in Germany, the special edition RIMOWA x GEWA Violin Case builds upon both brands’ shared values. The case features a durable exterior made from RIMOWA’s signature grooved durable anodised aluminium along with GEWA’s superior neck pad system which is adjustable to a violin’s length.

To celebrate this iconic piece’s creation, the brand has teamed up with revered French soloist, recitalist and chamber musician Renaud Capuçon. Who tested the RIMOWA x GEWA Violin Case Silver on a trip to New York City. Capuçon used the case to protect his instrument, the ‘Panette Stern’ built by Guarneri ‘del Gesù, a prolific violin that dates back to 1737.

The special edition violin case is suited for violin sizes 4/4 and 3/4, integrated within the case’s hand-finished microfiber interior are a hygrometer and a humidifier which allows you to control the case’s humidity levels. The case also features a string tube, an accessories storage compartment and a protective blanket for the instrument. The special edition violin case is completed with high-gloss aluminium corners, a leather handle as well as a crossbody strap for easy carrying.

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Rimowa x gewa violin case being payed

RIMOWA x GEWA Violin Case | Image: RIMOWA

Rimowa x gewa violin case carrying

RIMOWA x GEWA Violin Case | Image: RIMOWA

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