25 Best Minimalist Sneakers for Men

As the majority of athletic brands strive for wild patterns and innovative specs, the best minimalist sneakers take things in the opposite direction, emphasising superb quality by way of subdued colourways and a few choice handmade materials. As a result, men’s minimalist footwear sneakers deliver an unparalleled tier of stylish versatility, duly blending with a broad spectrum of outfits, engagements, and environments. It’s then no wonder that brands like Common Projects have taken the world by storm over the last decade and a half. Meanwhile, there are a slew of Common Projects alternatives just as worthy of your attention. Indeed, whether you’re seeking Swedish sneaker brands, Italian sneaker brands, or just some low profile, stylish shoes like Common Projects, you’ll find all that and more below. Without further ado, we present the 25 best minimalist sneakers for men.

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Common Projects - Original Achilles All White

1. Common Projects – Original Achilles

There are not many shoes like Common Projects Original Achilles. Since their auspicious debut in 2004, these men’s minimalist sneakers have come to redefine minimalist footwear, paving the way for an entire industry of luxury trainers. Decked out in all white from front to back (gold-embossed serial number notwithstanding), every pair of Achilles deliver top-shelf quality with Zen-like precision. Drake loves them. Kanye loves them. You’ll love them too. Assuming you can afford them, that is.

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Common Projects - Suede Slip-On

2. Common Projects – Suede Slip-On Sneakers

One look at the Suede Slip-On Sneakers from Common Projects, and your feet are already feeling more comfortable. Distinguished by premium materials and a downright classic design, each silhouette hosts elasticated side inserts, leather lining, and a padded collar for all-day support. Rarely does simplicity render such an envious impression as it does with these heavenly low top kicks.

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Oliver Cabell - Erving Top Down White

3. Oliver Cabell – Erving

Looking for an affordable alternative to Common Projects? Then check out Oliver Cabell, a Minneapolis-based sneaker brand that launched in 2017 and wasted no time in exploding all over the world stage. The Erving–which reworks a classic cap-toe basketball sneaker from the ground up–remains one of the minimalist’s brand’s finest statements. Every pair of these men’s fashion sneakers is hand-stitched and lasted in Albacete, Spain, using an array of quality leathers. Sealing the deal are waxed cotton Italian laces.

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Low 1 Low Cut White Shoes

4. Oliver Cabell – Low 1

Oliver Cabell keeps the hits coming with the Low 1, another bona fide Common Projects alternative. Like the Erving, this low-top, low profile silhouette employs a range of premium leathers to downright superb effect. The result is a minimalist sneaker that looks clean, feels great, and won’t deplete your bank account. These slick handmade shoes are calling.

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Axel Arigato - All White Swedish Shoes

5. Axel Arigato – Court

Minimalism and Scandinavian design are practically interchangeable concepts, so it’s no surprise that Swedish sneaker brand Axel Arigato crafts impeccable minimalist footwear. The Court is no exception, though it takes things a step further by incorporating a classic 70s aesthetic. Throw in prime leather construction and you’re looking at the best of all worlds. Should you put these babies to work on the basketball court, you might find yourself with an extra advantage, in that your opponents are bound to be distracted, if not jealous. Among the best low profile sneakers for both sport and leisure.

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Axel Arigato Clean 360 Black Laceless

6. Axel Arigato – Clean 360 Laceless

True to its name, the Clean 360 Laceless sneaker delivers utility and convenience in equal measure. Every pair is cut from premium Italian leather and equipped with a cushioned footbed, extra arch support, and a rubber cup-sole. Comfort lives here. So does style. In fact, these quality kicks leave virtually nothing to be desired, unless you’re the kind of guy who simply needs laces.

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axel arigato cap toe black textured leather sneaker

7. Axel Arigato – Cap Toe

Featuring Italian suede on the upper with a leather cap-toe, this dynamic sneaker from Axel Arigato is fashionable enough to rock at semi-formal engagements, while also standing their own as casual sneakers. For the rubber cup-sole, Arigato went with durable White Italian rubber, while supple calf leather lines the interior. Choose from a variety of striking (but subdued) colourways, and expect nothing but comfort and class in return.

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church's mirfield black leather shoe

8. Church’s – Mirfield

UK-based Church’s has been in the game for almost 150 years, with a substantial legacy to show for it. And while the minimalist brand is primarily synonymous with faultless dress shoes, it also serves up one of the best minimalist sneakers you can find. That sneaker goes by the name of Mirfield, and it combines a genuine leather upper with breathable textile lining, lace-front closure, a cushioned leather footbed, synthetic outsole and a round-toe silhouette. Slip on a pair and you’ll soon find yourself kneeling at Church’s altar.

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st laurent andy white sneakers

9. St Laurent – Andy

French label Yves Saint Laurent needs no introduction, but its a renowned minimalist sneaker, Andy, very well might. Hence, we present this extraordinary low-top, which was crafted in Italy from the finest leather. Just how much leather, you ask? Try 100% leather inside and out, barring the rubber sole. Look for the gold-tone embossed logo stamp and branded insole, since the last thing you want is to drop over $800 on sneakers just to end up with a knock-off. Luxury, yet minimalist trainers don’t get more luxurious than this, folks.

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st laurent calf leather sneakers

10. St Laurent – SL/06 Classic

Saint Laurent whips out another triumph with the SL/06 Classic, which weaves calf leather lining, a patent leather upper, and a flat rubber sole to perfection. Also featured are a round toe, lace-up front fastening, and a brand embossed tongue. Like the Andy, this silhouette will cost you. Like the Andy, it’s worth every cent. These are stunningly simple, but cool guys sneakers.

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Lanvin Black Men's Fashion Sneakers

11. Lanvin – Cap Toe Sneaker

Even after all these years, France’s oldest couture house, Lanvin, deftly keeps up with the times. For proof, look no further than the classic brand’s cap toe sneaker, a masterstroke of material and design. With its army-green matte leather upper, leather lining, and rubber sole, the sneaker emanates with style, so much so that it can easily elevate your smart casual or semi-formal get-up. This is what the best minimalist sneakers for men are all about.

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Royale All-White Casual Sneakers

12. Greats – Royale

Greats come to us from Brooklyn, NY, and offers premium minimalist footwear at an affordable price. The brand’s best-selling trainer to date remains the Royale, a symphony of full-grain leather and minimalist design. Every pair is crafted in Italy to ensure nothing but the utmost tier of quality. If you’re looking for sneakers similar to Common Projects, you’ve found some right here, and at under half the cost.

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john lobb levah brown leather shoe footwear

13. John Lobb – Levah

Since 1849, English shoemaker John Lobb has represented the utmost tier of craftsmanship in the men’s footwear arena. To this day, the handmade sneak brand still constructs its sneakers the traditional way, with each pair taking several weeks to produce. Hence, one shouldn’t scoff at the high price tag for these minimalist low-tops, because the care that went into making them is evident at every stitch and turn. From the premium leather construction to the brushed finish to the elegant-but-casual tone, the Levah sneaker takes minimalist footwear to the next level.

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Rod Laver Vintage All-White Men’s Shoes

14. Adidas Rod Laver Vintage

While arguably not as prestigious as your average Swedish or Italian footwear brand, Adidas might have very well started the minimalist sneaker trend back in 1963, when it unleashed the Stan Smith, i.e. the world’s first leather tennis shoe. In the time since, the brand has certainly explored a full spectrum of styles and materials, but that doesn’t mean it can’t churn out the occasional minimalist superstar. Enter the Rod Laver Vintage, which simultaneously bursts with retro style and modern allure. And it all comes in at a price that’s simply too good to refuse. One of the greatest Aussie tennis players continues to be encapsulated in this amazing shoe.

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Calfskin LT 04 Black Shoes

15. ETQ Amsterdam – LT 04

Launched in 2010 as an answer to the ubiquitous trend of excessive branding, ETQ Amsterdam lets the materials and designs do all of the talking. Accordingly, the LT 04 is as understated as it is exceptional, with a buffed calfskin upper, treaded rubber sole, padded collar, and tonal stitching. Simple. Beautiful. Optimal. Pretty much the best men’s casual sneakers money can buy.

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Superga All-White Italian Sneakers

16. Superga

With so many luxury labels having their sneakers made in Italy, it’s only natural that the beloved country would already host some of the best minimalist brands. One of those Italian sneaker brands is Superga, which has been in business since 1911. For proof of Superga’s brilliance, scope its respective ranges of low-top and lace-up sneakers, which deliver plush colourways and blatant quality at relatively low cost. If you like eye-catching footwear, prepare to fall in love with these Italian men’s sneakers.

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Navy Low-Top Grenson Vintage Sneakers

17. Grenson – Low-Top Men’s Sneakers

UK’s Grenson has been operating for over a century, but it just recently moved into sneaker territory, resulting in these outstanding low-tops. Made in Europe using canvas and natural latex, every pair retains a vintage aesthetic, thereby exuding all sorts of classic personality. Able to blend with casual and smart casual wear alike, these sneakers are both stylish and unfettered, and that’s definitely the point. Great shoes for the casual workplace and so much more.

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 clae bradley sneaker

18. Clae – Bradley

Los Angeles-based Clae launched in 2001 and has been killing it ever since. While the brand is no stranger to minimalist footwear of all varieties, the Bradley remains its best-seller year after year. Featuring clean white leather uppers, leather lining, embossed details, and a cup-sole, the classic sneaker is like your favourite tennis shoe reconstructed by way of a Scandinavian influence. That it’s also one of the best minimalist sneakers in the world practically goes without saying.

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Eytys - Mother Low-Cut Low-Profile Sneakers

19. Eytys – Mother

Presenting the mother of all minimalist sneakers, presuming a name is anything to go by. What we’re trying to say here is that these top kicks from Swedish sneaker brand Eytys (pronounced “eighties”) are called Mother, and they’re spectacular. Meanwhile, like a good mother, they gave birth to the minimalist brand’s ongoing success. Of course, it’s not hard to see why, as the trainers are astounding in every conceivable regard. Featured in the range are a variety of truly distinctive colours, along with a healthy selection of materials from which to choose. Throw on a pair to see what all the fuss is about.

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jak atom white sneaker

20. Jak – Atom

Every pair of Atom sneakers is designed and handcrafted in Portugal, where Jak cuts full-grain leather from hand-selected hides…and that’s just for the monochromatic upper. Lining the inside is natural calfskin leather, leading to supreme, long-lasting comfort. You might think that such outright quality would cost an outrageous amount, but you’d be wrong. On the contrary, these top minimalist sneakers are quite affordable.

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givenchy urban street leather white sneakers

21. Givenchy – Urban Street

Looking for minimalist sneakers with a little extra flair? Iconic luxury brand Givenchy has something just for you. Dubbed Urban Street, the collection frequently employs distinguished prints or patterns in addition to leather construction, knot details, leather lining, and rubber soles. That said, if you want a straight-up all-white pair of minimalist sneakers, you’ll find them in the Urban Street collection as well. What’s most important is that you have enough money to afford Givenchy kicks in the first place.

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vans classic slip on white sneakers

22. Vans – Classic Slip-On Skate Shoes

Vans is a classic skate brand and here they deliver Classic Slip-On Skate Shoes. Each low profile pair combines a canvas upper with a rubber sole, and offers the kind of low profile that the brand has banked its reputation on. Opt for the sleek black colourway, or say good riddance to all this minimalist philosophy and get chequered out instead. Either way you’re rocking some timeless street style.

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converse jack purcell white sneakers

23. Converse – Jack Purcell

Speaking of timeless street style, meet the Jack Purcell sneaker from Converse. Between the vintage aesthetic and monochromatic colour scheme, this casual-but-savvy silhouette is basically minimalist by default. But don’t let us convince you to buy a pair. After all, you’re either a Converse man or you’re not. These are, and will forever be considered cool guys sneakers.

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von routte lyon Portuguese white sneaker

24. Von-Röutte – Lyon

Australia’s own Von-Röutte infuses timeless style with an urban twist, and the Lyon duly abides. Handmade in Portugal, the trusty low-top includes a premium upper of leather and suede, with an embossed logo tastefully splashed across the side. Also featured are a cushioned footbed, cotton laces, leather lining, and a glued sole. This top minimalist sneaker is designed by Aussies, for Aussies. Wear it.

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armando cabral broome tan leather sneakers

25. Armando Cabral – Broome

Armando Cabral is his name and minimalist fashion is his game. With the Broome, the acclaimed designer (and Portuguese model) takes on the classic low-top by way of striking colour, a polished finish, and quality leather. Every pair is made by Italian artisans, with the fine stitching and premium fit to show for it. Italian men’s sneakers that simultaneously stand out from the crowd while still being minimalist.

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