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Here’s Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Blundstone Chelsea Boots

In Partnership with Blundstone

How would you categorise yourself when it comes to your style? Are you someone who takes a laid-back approach, sporting a casual and understated look with function and comfort as your top priorities? Or do you have a keen eye for aesthetics, showing great discernment and care in selecting items that reflect your personality? Whichever of these categories you’re drawn to, Blundstone’s iconic Chelsea boots will make an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. 

Whether you’re into understated comfort or aesthetic refinement, everyone needs at least one pair of this footwear classic. Fortunately, Blundstone—the Tasmanian family-owned brand that has perfected the art of the boot over more than 150 years—has something for everyone in this regard. So, regardless of which category you align with, read on to discover the perfect Chelsea boot for you.

500 Original Boots — Stout Brown | Image: Blundstone

Understated Comfort

#500 Original Boots — Stout Brown

The perfect pair of boots for supreme wearability all year round, Blundstone’s untouchable #500 style combines the durability of 2.5mm water-resistant leather with an ergonomically engineered toe spring and in-heel XRD® Technology to reduce wearer fatigue and maximise comfort. Plus, they offer longevity in spades, thanks to reinforced stitching at the heel and a durable TPU outsole. Combined, these features create a formidable (and effortlessly stylish) pair of boots that align legendary comfort with modern versatility.

510 Original Boots — Black | Image: Blundstone

#510 Original Boots — Black

The height of stylish simplicity, this understated black leather incarnation of the #500 is the kind of go-anywhere boot that you can just throw on without giving it a moment’s thought. The very definition of fuss-free and functional, it comes with all of Blundstone’s legendary comfort features—including the aforementioned toe spring and XRD® Technology in the heel—so you can wear them all day long without hearing a word of complaint from your feet. 

585 2
#585 Classic Boots — Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone

#585 Classic Boots — Rustic Brown

Embodying Blundstone’s commitment to comfort that lasts, this down-to-earth pair of boots combines leather that’ll stand up to the elements with a soft lining for that signature morning-to-night wearability. Thanks to the SPS Max Comfort System, up to 90 per cent of high max energy is absorbed with every step, making these an ideal boot whether you’re heading off the beaten path or simply taking a stroll down to your local to catch up with some mates. 

#587 Classic Boots — Rustic Black | Image: Blundstone

#587 Classic Boots — Rustic Black

For those looking for something that serves up that rustic finish while sticking to the goes-with-everything aesthetic that only black can offer, these are the Chelsea boots for you. The worn-in look of the black leather upper pairs beautifully with the underfoot cushioning and durable outsole that’s built to keep you comfortable from the hiking trail to the office. This is yet another example of Blundstone’s unwavering commitment to comfort and adaptability.

Aesthetic Refinement

#063 Dress Boots — Black | Image: Blundstone

#063 Dress Boots — Black

If aesthetics are your priority, and a Chelsea boot that offers up an elegant profile is an absolute must—provided it simultaneously offers Blundstone’s world-famous comfort, of course—allow us to present the #063 Dress Boot in black. With its rich, premium leather and chisel toe, this boot looks perfectly at home at a wedding or celebratory night out while guaranteeing the kind of comfort you need to stay on your feet all day. 

#062 Dress Boots — Stout Brown | Image: Blundstone

#062 Dress Boots — Stout Brown

A sleek and sophisticated take on the footwear staple, this pair in Blundstone’s fetching shade of stout brown are a must-have. Like every other entry on this list, these boots pack a midsole that features the SPS Max Comfort System, with XRD® Technology inserted at the heel for added impact absorption. From city dining to a country stay, these will keep you looking every bit as stylish as you are comfortable, no matter where your feet take you.

#1306 Dress Boots — Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone

#1306 Dress Boots — Rustic Brown

The perfect blend of the refined and the rustic, this pair of boots serves up the elegance of Blundstone’s Dress Boot and juxtaposes it with the brand’s signature rough-and-ready rustic brown finish. Packing all the comfort-delivering features we’ve come to expect from Blundstone by now, this is the perfect boot for those occasions you know will have you on your feet but for which you can’t sacrifice style for comfort.  

#1609 Classic Boots — Antique Brown | Image: Blundstone

#1609 Classic Boots — Antique Brown

Timelessness perfectly embodied in a single pair of footwear, the antique leather Blundstone uses to construct these boots will only get better with age. The supple leather lining delivers maximum comfort, as does the iconic elastic side, contoured EVA footbed with XRD® Technology, which can also be found in the heel for added impact absorption. Comfort and class all in one. 

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#585 Classic Boots — Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone

Whether you find yourself in the Understated Comfort camp or leaning more towards the Aesthetic Refinement side of things, Blundstone has the perfect boots for you. From the everyday elegance of the #063 to the unlimited wearability of the #500, you simply can’t go wrong with a brand that has spent over 150 years perfecting its craft. Discover the full range below.