Anicorn’s New Digital Watch Inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck

Anicorn, a Hong Kong based watchmaker and design studio, has been pretty successful in its endeavors to create stunning timepieces. In the time that they have been in operation (the company was founded in 2014), they have teamed with some pretty big names, including NASA, Daniel Arsham, and Philip Colbert. Their watches “combine design, typeface, and mechanism with simplicity and contemporary style.” In a not-so-subtle nod to “contemporary style,” Anicorn has created a watch based on the Tesla Cybertruck. The Cybertime watch is “the first conceptual digital timepiece designed by Anicorn.”

Design ideas for the watch are unashamedly inspired by the many memes of the Cybertruck—including the infamous cracked glass. In fact, you can pick up a version of the Cybertime watch with the glass pre-cracked. You can also buy a “normal edition,” which comes with the glass in pristine shape. The Cybertime watch features the same sharp angles as the Cybertruck. A geometric touch screen provides control of the watch, and when you tap the screen, the watch provides a red light interface. Just as Tesla broke from the norm in their design, Anicorn is breaking from traditional watches and displaying the time in a digital vertical format via a backlit LCD. The watch displays the date as well as the time. It is waterproof upt o 3STM and has a one year battery life. The watch comes on a wide black stainless steel bracelet. Anicorn plans to start making the watches after they hit the mark of 50 pre-orders. You’ll save money if you do buy through the pre-order, paying $250 for the watch, or you can wait and pay $280 after. If orders come in quickly enough, Anicorn plans to have the watches shipping out to customers by August 31.

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Anicorn digital watch back view

Anicorn digital watch side view

Anicorn digital watch inspired by the tesla cybertruck