Must-See Movie Trailers – April 2019

It’s official. We’ve trailer fever.

There’s no doubt about it. Making a trailer is an art form. In a world where Netflix and chill is the norm and going out to catch a flick is unusual, bums on seats are harder than ever. These days a trailer can lead to global success or miss its mark in the box office.

As a result, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort put into the crafting of spine-tingling teasers and tantalising trailers. But the fact remains – not all trailers are made equal.

Here at Man of Many, we are huge fans on all things ‘film’. Whether it be murderous dolls hell-bent on death and destruction or the return of the true king of the Pridelands, if the trailers red-hot we’ll have a gander.

So without further ado, here is Man of Many’s list of Must-See Movie Trailers in April 2019.

The Lion King Official Trailer

Are you ready to see Mufasa die again in stunning 4k? Neither are we, we’re still scarred from the first time around. There isn’t much to speculate on due to this flick being a remake, however, the trailer gets us keen as mustard. In it, we hear a new, less camp Scar giving his word of warning to young Simba (Voiced by Donald Glover).

This is just one of the changes we can expect in the next Disney “live-action” adaptation of one of their classics. Whether you’re a ’90s kiddo who grew up with Hakuna Matata or fresh eyes to the tale, The Lion King is sure to be a huge hit when it reaches big screens in July this year.

Joker Teaser Trailer #1

We really couldn’t be more excited about this one. With some big clown shoes to fill, we, and many others were apprehensive of what Joaquin Phoenix would do with the role. Thankfully, if what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, DC couldn’t have picked a better follow-up to the titanic performance that Heath Ledger gave in Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’. 

In this clip, we meet the failed comedian and general no-hoper, Arthur. He starts off as a sympathetic character however, it undoubtedly won’t be long before we see his rise as the Clown Prince of Gotham. A scintillating performance from Joaquin is what will carry this film and lead it to critical success. Joker is out in Australia in October.

Annabelle Comes Home Official Trailer 

Not saying this is an abysmal trailer, but Roadshow is it perhaps time to move on from the success of the Conjuring Part 1 and focus on more fruitful endeavours? In their defence, we don’t doubt there are ‘bums in seats’ to be had and who doesn’t love a creepy doll with murderous tendencies? Featuring that ‘room’ full of ghoulish trinkets, and of course, harbouring a kid who is asked not to touch anything (but most certainly does), Annabelle Comes Home looks promising. Check it out in June.

Pet Sematary Final Trailer

King of the creep, Stephen King has had many do a take on his work. Seldom have even approached something great, barring perhaps Stanley Kubrick – who’s version of ‘The Shining’ King hated – and Rob Reiner’s ‘Misery’ starring Kathy Bates. This adaptation from Directors Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer, although bearing a meagre 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, is hailed by some as a total fear-factory. The general premise: there is a pet cemetery that if you bury your pet in it, will bring it back to life – not the same of course, a more ghoulish and garish version. Long story short, someone tries to bring back a person and it all goes south for all involved, much to our delight.

J.T. LeRoy Trailer #1

Starring Kristin Stewart, J.T LeRoy is a flick that might not be for everyone. Based on true story, Jeremiah “Terminator” LeRoy is a literary persona created in the 1990s by American writer Laura Albert. After mounting pressure to meet said persona, Laura enlists the help of Stewart to continue the ruse. A strong-enough premise, backed by Bella Schwan herself, it would appear that keeping up appearances, even fake, has its downsides. Check it out in early May.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Teaser Trailer #1

“You don’t read the book, the book reads you”. Aside from this utter garbage heap of a line in the trailer, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark looks pretty bloody spooky and features the world’s worst pimple, which is fine with us. From the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro and Director André Øvredal and based on the iconic book that I’ve personally never heard of but will tout as a must-read to anyone who asks, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is dealing in the macabre, if nothing else.

The Dead Don’t Die Trailer #1 

Starring Bill Murray and Adam Driver and from Director Jim Jaramusch, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ is yet another zombie flick (but Bill Murray though, so hey, we’re in). At this stage, all that filmmakers can do is play around with the zombie mechanics: can they run? Do they eventually starve to death or is an individual beheading what must be done? In this case, the zombies retain some base traits of their personality, for example, one zombie loves her a glass of chardonnay – I don’t know what’s more frightening, the monsters or the fact that she drinks leather wine? The Dead Don’t Die is coming to a theatre near you sometime in June.

My Spy Official Trailer

Starring Dave Bautista, My Spy looks like the story of a spy who isn’t very good at the spying part of his job. He’s a man down on his luck and near being fired when on his final chance with the CIA – he blows it. How does he do this? Gets himself caught on camera by a 9-year-old girl, even suggesting they kill her (she gets him on camera saying this too). Long story short, she becomes his spy-apprentice in a far less creepy ‘Leon The Professional’. Seriously, go back and watch that movie, it’s a total skin crawl.

The Addams Family Teaser Trailer

Starring the talented Charlize Theron the new Addams Family trailer looks like a spooky-ooky time for the whole family. With some faint ‘Wes Anderson’ vibes at the start of the clip, we are re-introduced to our favourite gothic family.  We’ll admit, as soon as the revamped theme song kicks in, the nostalgia flows freely. Backed by a more-than-decent team of comedy writers and Directed by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon, this appears to be part ‘Coraline’, part ‘Royal Tenenbaums and we love it. Check it out in October.