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AMC’s ‘Parish’ Trailer Teases Giancarlo Esposito’s Return to the Dark Side

Gus is back. Well, sort of. AMC released the official trailer for its upcoming crime thriller, Parish, starring Giancarlo Esposito as Gracian “Gray” Parish, a family man and proud owner of a luxury car service in New Orleans. When his past life as a wheelman surfaces, Gray is forced into a dangerous world of secrets and violence, threatening everything he holds dear.

Based on the hit U.K. series The Driver, this six-episode gritty drama follows Esposito’s “Gracian ‘Gray’ Parish, a family man and proud owner of a luxury car service in New Orleans. After his son is violently murdered and his business collapses, an encounter with an old friend from his days as a wheelman resurfaces old habits, sending Gray on a high-stakes collision course with a violent criminal syndicate.”

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Parish trailer amc
Giancarlo Esposito as Gray Bourgeois and Skeet Ulrich as Colin Broussard in AMC’s Parish | Image: Alyssa Moran/AMC

The official trailer for AMC’s ‘Parish‘ teases Giancarlo Esposito’s titular character and how he’ll resort to any means to protect his family, even if it means returning to a life of crime. The trailer opens with Esposito’s Parish saying, “I came back for my family. I would do anything for them,” as he takes off the car cover. We then hear Zackary Momoh’s New Orleans-based Zimbabwean gangster, The Horse, asking Esposito, “I’m need of a driver with a particular set of skills,” with Esposito replying, “Yeah. I can drive.” And drive he can.

The trailer cuts between Parish’s desperate struggle and the worried faces of his wife and daughter. At one point in the trailer their daughter asks, “What was Dad into?” to which, in a background voiceover, we hear Parish confess, “Before I met your mother, I led a different kind of life.” His past threatens to shatter their lives as Parish is forced back into the darkness, evading gunfire and disposing of bodies. With his family’s safety on the line, he vows to take control. “I’m tired of being a passenger in my own life,” he warns, determined to turn the tables on the criminals who threaten everything he holds dear.

Parish trailer amc
Image: AMC

Parish features an ensemble cast including Zackary Momoh portraying The Horse, a Zimbabwean gangster based in New Orleans, alongside Paula Malcomson as Rose, Parish’s devoted wife and mother of his children. Skeet Ulrich takes on the role of Colin, an old acquaintance of Gray, while Bonnie Mbuli portrays Shamiso Tongai, The Horse’s astute and protective older sister. Ivan Mbakop stars as Zenzo, The Horse’s brother, with Arica Himmel playing Makayla, the daughter of Gray and Rose, and Dax Rey appearing as Luke, The Horse’s son.

Bradley Whitford joins the cast in a recurring role as “the charming and intelligent face of industrial business in Louisiana who covertly heads a criminal organization.” As per AMC, “His dispute with The Horse’s human trafficking ring puts him at direct odds with Parish.” Additionally, Amanda Brugel guest stars as Sister Anne, a character with a mysterious connection to Gray.

Aside from his starring role, Giancarlo Esposito serves as an executive producer alongside Brocklehurst, Poyser, Theo Travers, Jolyon Symonds, and David Morrissey for Scribbler Films. The executive producer lineup also includes Josh Kesselman, Danny Sherman, Barry Jossen, and Tana Jamieson representing Red Production. The series, produced by AMC Studios in conjunction with A+E Studios and Thruline Entertainment, benefits from Brocklehurst’s dual role as co-creator and executive producer, while Eduardo Javier Canto and Ryan Maldonado fulfil the roles of showrunners and executive producers.

Parish is set to hit AMC and AMC+ on March 31.

Parish trailer amc
Image: AMC