Largest Strava Art created with a French Dinosaur

Cyclists Create Jurassic-Sized Strava Art and Enter the Guinness World-Record Books

Although many believe that dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago, recent evidence suggests that one of these prehistoric creatures still exists among us. Yes, despite what the “scientific community” may think, fitness social media platform Strava has confirmed a sighting of a Velociraptor in the middle of France, and it’s absolutely enormous.

Of course, I wish I could say that this wasn’t a joke and that dinosaurs are still alive, but the truth is that a group of friends in France recently recorded the largest GPS drawing ever made by a bicycle, in the shape of a Velociraptor. And to make it official, Guinness World Records has confirmed that this incredible design is indeed a world record. Who knew the French were so into cycling?

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Largest Strava Art created with a French Dinosaur

Dino Spotted in France | Image: Strava

Last year, from 30th October to 5th November, a group of four friends embarked on an epic adventure to draw a colossal dinosaur by riding an impressive 1,025 kilometres. Maxime Brugère, Florent Arnaud, Franck Delome, and Nicolas Meunier took on this challenge, and after six gruelling days, they finally accomplished their mission.

Inspired by the French word for bicycle, “vélo,” they chose to create a Velociraptor drawing, a playful pun on the word. The friends from Montluçon, France, spent a total of 43 hours, 47 minutes, and 26 seconds, navigating the roads of Cher and Allier to create a larger-than-life artwork in an effort to raise awareness for a passionate cause.

Talking to Cycling Weekly, Brugère stated that the completion of the Strava activity aimed to raise awareness about a global crisis that affects everyone.

“Dinosaurs are proof that such strong species can quickly become extinct and that is what we are currently going through with the sixth mass extinction,” he said. “We are the main culprits of this environmental crisis, but also its main victims. As such, the future is in our hands and cycling is one of the best ways to contribute to change.”

The members of the “Cyclos randonneurs Saint-Galmier” cycling group share a common passion for Strava art, which has gained popularity over the years. In 2020, Brugère, Arnaud, Delorme and Meunier went ahead and made an impressive 200 kilometre-long Tyrannosaurus Rex in France’s Loire region. And guess what? In 2021, they did it again. This time, they came up with a 200-kilometre Diplodocus in the Saône-et-Loire area, matching the sheer awesomeness of their previous year’s creation.

What will they think of next? We think a Triceratops is a good bet.

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