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The Premium Trend Reshaping How Collectors Engage with Luxury Wine

If you fancy yourself a wine snob, there’s a good chance you know LANGTONS. For more than 30 years, Australia’s go-to fine wine destination has become the be-all and end-all for great-quality drops. However, in recent times, LANGTONS has undergone a transformation, unveiling a refreshed brand identity and experience.

Master of wine ned godwin langtons fine wine
Master of Wine Ned Goodwin | Image: LANGTONS

In the coming weeks, LANGTONS will unveil the 8th edition of the LANGTONS Classification of Australian Wine, introducing a refined tiering system that LANGTONS believes will provide greater clarity over regional quality.

LANGTONS’ Master of Wine Ned Goodwin explains, “The new Classification will comprise 100 wines across 60 wineries. The wines are titled ‘Classified’, reflecting their demand and performance in the secondary market (at auction),” Goodwin tells us. “A special designation of ‘1st Classified’ is reserved for a small cohort of wines representing the most desirable wines in Australia that compete with the world’s finest. The ‘1st Classified’ name is a homage to the Premier Cru (First Growth) wines that sit atop the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, which was the original inspiration for the LANGTONS Classification.”

Moss Wood | Image: LANGTONS
Moss Wood | Image: LANGTONS

As the wine expert points out, collecting fine wine is not too dissimilar from collecting fine art in that there are all too many ways to lose out on a desired item or venture down the wrong path. With this in mind, LANGTONS has expanded upon its one-to-one client services by way of private client managers, who can source coveted bottles and limited-edition releases, bid at auctions, and deliver exclusive access to luxury experiences and products.

Like a stock broker who manages your portfolio, these dedicated representatives are on hand to grow your bank of assets, whether you plan on drinking them or not, is up to you.

“Australia is a small market at the pointy end,” adds Goodwin. “Drinkers are loyal, often to their own states. Yet great wine transcends these notions to become something that is inimitable by virtue of its provenance and everything that this entails, from soil, climate, and culture, and how these factors are transmitted.”

“Keep an open mind and remember that there is always a fresh discovery just around the corner.

“The fine wine scene is a broader category in markets that prize these attributes; New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, for example, among others. At the top end, Australians drink as much for pleasure as they do for appreciation.”

Bespoke experiences langtons fine wine
LANTONS’ Private Client Services | Image: LANGTONS

The premiumisation of the domestic wine market is far from a new concept, but recent trends are reshaping the way collectors engage with brands and products. Investors may simply view their collection as an appreciating asset to be stored and sold once the market value has swelled, but for those actually looking to tipple their tastebuds with top-tier drops, indulgence is a must. As Goodwin explains, how a collector experiences a wine now has to extend far beyond just the act of drinking.

“The definition of luxury and the demarcation between it and fine wine,” he says. “Fine wine describes that which is in the bottle. Luxury wine, however, as a descriptor expands beyond the wine itself. It is a consideration of the manner of production, provenance, philosophy, heritage, aesthetics, rarity, status and, of course, price. A bottle of wine is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for it, be it $100 or $30,000. Therefore, a winemaker determines whether a wine is fine or not, whereas the moniker of luxury is only achieved when the market responds favourably. “

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LANTONS’ Bespoke Experiences | Image: LANGTONS

In response to the change in preferences, LANGTONS has introduced a series of bespoke dining events, portfolio tastings, and even destination-based adventures, both in-person and online. The luxury auction house has just unveiled a brand new website, which speaks to the Aussie icon’s new smattering of goods, services, and experiences.

LANGTONS began as an auction house and continues to dominate in this particular domain. In fact, they recently achieved a new benchmark by reaching $5 million in sales from a single vendor auction. Whether you’re buying or selling wine in Australia, there’s simply no better place to go in terms of reputability, knowledge, and customer service.