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Jacked 60-Year-Old Shatters Guinness World Record for Most Push-Ups in One Hour

At the ripe old age of 60, Rob Stirling has proven that he’s still got it. And by “it,” we mean the ability to do more push-ups in an hour than most of us can do in a year. The barrel-chested senior recently broke the Guinness World Record with an incredible 3,264 push-ups in an hour during his official attempt, blasting past Australian Daniel Scali’s previous record of  3,182 push-ups. The Floridian had a personal goal of 3,200 push-ups, but he wasn’t going to stop there. He was going to keep going until his body gave out. And let’s be real, at 60 years old, that could happen at any moment (kidding Dad).

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But how did he manage to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat? But how did he manage to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat? Sterling shared his secrets with Fox 13, revealing that there is a trick to getting each push-up counted: “To do them for competition you don’t lock out, you’ve got to have about a fist between your chest and the ground, and then you’ve got to be fully extended to where you don’t lock out.”

Sterling also adopted a strategic approach to the challenge. Rather than attempting to keep going for 60 minutes straight, he opted for short sets of 12 push-ups with seven-second breaks in between. “The strategy to doing the most I can get in an hour is doing short sets,” he explained. “And I will just continue to do that the entire hour.”

Fox 13

Now, as he waits for official verification from Guinness World Records, Sterling has his sights set on his next challenge: the one-minute world record of 144 push-ups. And let’s be real, if anyone can do it, it’s him. Sure, he may be 60 years old and his joints may be creaky, but he’s a push-up machine. This bloke is the David Goggins of bodyweight workouts.

“There’s a one-minute world record as well, it’s 144 push-ups in one minute and I set out to do that while I was training for this,” he told WTVT-TV.

Rob Stirling’s achievement is a testament to the fact that age is just a number. With discipline, determination, and a bit of strategy, anyone can overcome the seemingly the impossible. Our only piece of advice: don’t skip leg day mate.