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Porn Star Angela White Sets the Record Straight on Horrific Sex Scene Injury

Australian adult entertainer Angela White has dismissed rumours that a sex scene she filmed with co-star Kieran Lee had caused her to be hospitalized. Although she did have to undergo surgery, White believes the timing was simply a “coincidence”. Sorry Keiran, you ain’t anything our porn princess hasn’t seen before…

“There is no medical evidence to suggest his giant d**k, that was pummelling my organs, that his million dollar penis was the cause of that,” White told the Only Stans podcast.

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Earlier this year, Lee mentioned after their hour-long session on set, he learned that White had returned to Australia to see a doctor about abdominal pain. Lee had previously claimed that the scene they filmed was so vigorous that it may have caused White’s appendix to rupture.

“We were shooting content and we were going active, we were going at it for like over an hour,” he told the Pillow Talk podcast. After that, I’m like ‘see you sweetheart, lovely day’. Then I found out two days later she’s gone back home to Australia. He continued: “She said her stomach’s hurting and had to go see a doctor – apparently her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her.”

However, White has stated that there is no medical evidence to support this claim and that her appendix did not actually burst. Instead, she revealed that she had been suffering from appendicitis and required emergency surgery to have it removed.

“It was blown way out of proportion. It was more than likely a pure coincidence, White told Only Stans host Glenny Balls. “My appendix actually did not burst. But it is true I had appendicitis and did have to have emergency surgery to have it removed.”

Angela White

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It’s worth noting that a ruptured appendix is no laughing matter. According to Better Health, the condition can be life-threatening, as the appendix spreads bacteria throughout the body. But don’t worry, Angela White is a trooper. She came out of surgery like a champ and is back doing what she does best.

While White did acknowledge that Lee possesses a notably large penis, she maintained that it was not responsible for her medical issues. However, she did jokingly remark that Lee “does reach organs that I don’t know should be reached by a penis.”

Of course, no juicy story in the adult entertainment industry would be complete without a little TMI. Apparently, during a subsequent scene, White suffered from lockjaw and accidentally chomped down on Lee’s testicle. A little revenge, perhaps? But Lee was a good sport, even going so far as to call it “the most painful experience” of his time in the industry.

Ah, the things people do for pleasure.

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