Survey Confirms How Your Sex Life Compares to the Average Australian

You may have a decent idea of how your sex life is going, but as the bible says, what’s the point of having sex unless you can compare yourself to everyone else? Luckily there are always researchers on hand to let you know the details of how everyone else is doing it, and the latest study is here to illuminate us all.

The survey, carried out for body+soulmates magazine, has dropped some serious bombshells. Like, for example, the fact that eight percent of Australians have sex most days, and 19 percent do it around once a week. No doubt you’re shocked at how frequent/how infrequent that is. Also, the average Australian – whoever that may be – has had ten sexual partners, which you’ll agree is either a hell of a lot or hardly any or about right probably.

One of the study’s big findings is that 58 percent of people would like their partner to initiate sex more frequently. Which means 42 percent of people either wish their partner would stop initiating sex so much, or think their partner initiates sex exactly the right amount, which sounds pretty far-fetched. Sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer says, “It’s so nice to feel desired and wanted by your partner, so if you’re the one who’s always initiating, you never get to experience that”. So in the end the survey is telling us a timeless truth: we want to be wanted.

It also revealed that people want more laughter in the bedroom. Frankly, we reckon we’ve got that covered.