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Why Sex Doll Influencers are Taking Over Instagram

No strangers to social media, we were intrigued by a recent article from Input Magazine. Titled “Sex Dolls Are the New Influencers,” it took a deep dive into this somewhat obscure but emerging trend. To put it as succinctly as possible, photographers are setting up social media accounts on behalf of their sex dolls and then racking up followers as a result. We’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of followers just yet, but bear in mind this is a nascent phenomenon with the future on its side.

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Ask a sex doll enthusiast and he’ll tell you that the concept of respect lies at the very heart of this ever-growing movement (though hype and opportunity certainly play a role). Those who participate are hoping to shine a light on the humanlike qualities and positive impact of their synthetic partners. Based on most reports, sex dolls will only take on more human attributes—and possibly greater intelligence—as the industry itself continues to evolve. That means the sex doll influencer trend may still be in its most primitive stages. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Anatomy of a Sex Doll

Some of the earliest documented sex dolls were created as far back as the 16th century by French and Spanish sailors, who’d get lonely (and horny) during their long voyages. One could argue that the core function of a sex doll hasn’t changed in the time since, even as materials and designs undergo drastic transformations. With the development of new technologies, however, sex dolls have also taken on the role of life partners and social media influencers, amongst other things.

But first…

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What is a Sex Doll?

According to the Journal of Internet Medical Research, sex dolls are defined as “human-like, full-body, anatomically correct anthropomorphic dolls of different materials (eg, rubber, plush, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomer) and price ranges that are designed for sexual use. Sex dolls have at least one penetrable orifice (mouth, vagina, or anus) and/or one body part that can be inserted by the user (tongue or penis). The doll parts for sexual penetration or insertion are usually designed to be removable for cleaning. The special thing about sex dolls is their sexual functions, but this does not mean that they are used exclusively for sexual purposes. They can also serve as artificial love partners, social companions, or photo models, which is why their owners often call them love dolls or simply dolls.”

To date, the cheapest sex dolls are typically made of inflatable latex. They feature conspicuously circular mouths and rather simplistic body parts and barely resemble human beings at all. Jump up a tier and you get to the mid-range sex doll, which usually employs a thicker vinyl or heavy latex material. At the higher end of this range, one may find more life-like features such as plastic mannequin-style heads, wigs, glass eyes, moulded hands and feet, and occasionally, water-filled breasts and buttocks.

Then we get to the primo sex dolls, which only came into being over the last few decades and exhibit true human-like qualities. The cheaper variants (priced US$1200-$3000) are generally made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) while the more expensive models (priced $3000 and up) are typically made from silicone or elastic gel. Occasionally modelled after real people, these dolls often feature realistic skin material and life-like hair. Not only that, but they’ll commonly host a PVC or metal skeleton, complete with flexible joints, resulting in the ability to assume various positions. While significantly heavier than their vinyl or inflatable counterparts, expensive sex dolls tend to weigh about half as much as the average human.

What, you thought we were done? Not until we mention sex robots—aka sexbots or robot companions—which represent the new frontier of this particular industry. Powered by AI technology, they have the ability to talk (in a robotic way, for the time being) and even demonstrate somewhat unique personalities. According to manufacturer RealDoll, however, we can expect to see rapid improvements over the coming years. It’s only a matter of time before sex dolls are walking on their own, talking with more realistic voices, and even responding to certain erotic gestures.

Sex Doll Lies On Bed

How to Use a Sex Doll

No matter what the material, technology, or design, sex dolls continue to feature at least one penetrable orifice and that’s because…well…they’re sex dolls. Hence, most men who own one will use it by sticking their penis into one of those very same orifices, cleaning the applicable parts, and then presumably taking the doll for another spin at some point. Crude perhaps, but popular enough to keep this industry evolving at a breakneck pace.

It is worth noting, however, that we’re potentially approaching a new era of robot companionship, reminiscent of the movie “Her” (or perhaps “Lars and the Real Girl,” to a lesser extent). In this scenario, there will emerge synthetic female companions who may not serve as great a sexual function as their ancestors or any sexual function at all. Instead, they’ll help fill an emotional void, the kind of which is becoming all too common in modern life.

Why Sex Doll Influencers are Taking Over Instagram

According to Input Magazine, the whole sex doll influencer movement started out as something of a lark. The year was 2016 and T, a US-based sex toy reviewer, came across an article about a human woman who was using plastic surgery to look more like a sex doll. That gave him an idea…

Sex Doll Lies On Bed

Meet Celestina

As per her Insta account, Celestina is “a model, news correspondent for TFM News, an avid cosplay enthusiast, and an advocate for sex dolls and robots.” She also happens to be a sex doll and one with over 3,000 followers, not all of whom realise she isn’t a real human being (reportedly).

Remember T, the sex doll reviewer we mentioned just a few paragraphs earlier? Upon reading about a woman who tried to look more like a sex doll, he wanted to see if his synthetic partner, Celestina, could outperform the imposter (we don’t know if he succeeded, but 3,000+ followers is certainly nothing to scoff at). In the process, he also wanted to show the positive impact that sex dolls have on their partner’s lives. The sex doll influencer movement had thus begun.

sex doll alita

What Makes a Sex Doll Famous?

One doesn’t need to be a social media junkie to know that having a few thousand followers doesn’t exactly amount to “fame” in this day and age. But in the sex doll community, models such as Celestina are absolute stars. And with that celebrity status, there come some money-making opportunities as well.

Meanwhile, Celestina is now part of a much larger movement. On the Insta for a sex doll named Alita, for example, you can watch her spin records, model clothing, lip-sync, and more. Then we have Tasha, a sex doll influencer whose Insta offers content of a more provocative and explicit nature.

Of course, a sex doll influencer hasn’t achieved true fame until she’s graced the cover of CoverDoll, which is more or less the community’s answer to Playboy. It’s all out there and it’s only growing in terms of popularity and profitability alike.

dressed sex doll

The Art of Sex Doll Photography

They might make it look easy over on Insta, but the truth is there’s an artform to sex doll photography, which boasts more history than you might think. Most trails lead back to a 20-year-old website called The Doll Forum, where a sex toy community consorts over various topics. With over 70,000 members to date, the site features designated sections and threads for specific points of interest, including photography.

Using a mix of traditional photography, social media posts, and even deepfakes, forum members bring their synthetic partners to life. Shoots can take hours at a time due to the fact that the dolls are somewhat heavy and expensive and in need of regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s also a challenge making synthetic skin look as realistic as possible or getting the facial expressions to seem genuine. Relying on apps like FaceTune is acceptable but also somewhat frowned upon.

Ultimately, the goal is to highlight the dimension and personality of each doll while demonstrating the positive impact she’s made in the life of her partner (i.e. owner or caretaker). Plus, there’s money to be made. Should the trend continue at its current rate, you may one day end up following a sex doll without even knowing it. So it goes in this modern world.

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General FAQ

What does a sex doll look like?

The cheapest sex dolls essentially look like inflatable dolls with circular holes for mouths and crudely rendered body parts. Expensive sex dolls, however, look more like well-defined mannequins sprung to life.

What is the best TDF approved sex doll vendor?

The best way to find a sex doll vendor that's been approved by The Doll Forum is to visit the forum directly and peruse their list of approved vendors.

What is 169 cm in feet?

169 cm comes out to approximately 5 feet and 5 inches.