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Sex Robot

New Study Reveals Insane Amount of Sex Robot Owners Worldwide

Having sex with real people is soooo archaic, man. What are we, a bunch of Neanderthals trying to hump anything that moves? It’s about time we climbed out of the cave, put down the wooden club and joined the sex robot revolution like civilised human beings. Thankfully, a new study has confirmed that a growing minority have already joined the forward-thinking movement.

Roxxxy sex robot

‘Roxxxy’ Image: AFP

With the internet turning us into a bunch of social weirdos, sleeping with someone else has become a scary and dangerous place. Coupled with Is Blue Balls a Real Thing? innovation and the taboo around A Man’s Guide To Squirting diminishing, the sex robot industry has been quietly booming – with an estimated USD$200 million worth of sex robots sold each year. Set to grow even more in the future, Bedbible completed a study to examine the key facts and figures behind the rising sector.

To explore the industry further, the publication analyzed the percentage of people who own a sexbot worldwide, and it may be more than you think. Bedbible’s research found that a whopping 17.2% of people worldwide own or have had sex with a sexbot. The gender demographics were very similar with 17.8% of men and 16.5% of women who own or have had sex with a mechanical human.

Breaking it down by nation, 15.3% of Americans had either rooted or owned a sex robot, while those horny Europeans had a figure slightly higher with 18.3%. However, Japan was revealed as the leader in the sexbot scene. In total, 27.1% of the country owned or had sex with a sex robot, unsurprising in the country with the highest rate of loneliness.


RealDoll Image: RealDoll

Bedbible also took a deep dive into the fascinating history and innovation of the industry. Firstly, they found that the sex robot industry properly began in 2010 when Douglas Hines debuted Roxxxy, the world’s first real sexbot. It cost US$9,999 and ultimately disappointed after promising features that it couldn’t provide.

Since then, the industry has evolved with new technologies and features being incorporated into the newer dolls. This includes RealDoll, created by Abyss Creations, which has sold more than US$60 million worth of sexbots since 2015. These dolls offer realistic features such as head and arm movement and sensors to detect touch. These sex robots also come fit with AI communication technology allowing the robots to hold conversations, adding to the realism.

Advanced sexbot technology in the future could see these robot companions get even more realistic. In June, the California Institute of Technology successfully printed artificial skin with plans to make it usable in sexbot production. The artificial skin was made of hydrogel and felt real. Looking ahead, there could also be breathing technology introduced as well as the ability to share this experience with others via social networks built specifically for the doll.

The future looks bright. To see the full study, head to the Bedbible website.

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