Sick of the Short Back & Sides? Here are Five Other Haircut Options

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It’s all too often that men, when asked what they want as they sit down at the barber shop, will ask for “short around the sides and little bit off the top”. But if you really want to make a statement, get that promotion at work or impress the ladies, a boring haircut just isn’t going to ‘cut’ it. So to help you out, we’ve put together five alternative options and styles for you to consider next time you check in for a trim rather than the plain old ‘short back and sides’.


the slick comb over

The Slick Comb Over

The slick comb over can be creepy or smooth and sophisticated. Creepy when your hair is long and untidy at the back. But, if you have a smooth face or well groom beard to match the rest of your mop, you might need to beat the ladies of with a stick. Think Don Draper in ‘Mad Men’. Neat at the sides and at the back with the comb over at the front. You will need some cream or gel to keep it that way though.


the close shave haircut

The Close Shave

There is an old saying: God made a few perfect heads and on the rest he put hair. If you don’t want to go all native and shave off everything, the close shave leaves the top hair slightly longer than shaved. Definitely one of the sexiest looks around. Ask any girl about Tatum Channing’s hair in the movie Magic Mike. Oh wait, they probably didn’t even noticed it.


mess it up easiest haircut

Mess it Up

This is probably one of the easiest hair styles to maintain as it seems that you only go to bed and wake up with hair all messed up. Not true. Although it looks like bed hair on a bad day, it does take some time and a considerable amount of gel or cream to keep it looking messy. Only recommended while you are in younger than 35.


short crop haircut style

Short Crop

The short crop is ideal if you have a thick mop of hair as it can be easily styled to create different looks. Normally the cut leaves the hair longer on top but it is optional as you can blend it into the sides. Very useful for curly hair as it helps to keep the hair from looking rowdy.


long hair dont care hairstyle

Long Hair Don’t Care

If you are planning to go for the long hairstyle, for the love of humanity, please find a good stylist. This is one style that you must have the face for or you will be the guy that mothers warn their daughters about. Regular trimming and good hair care management is essential to look your best.



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