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Mont Saint Michel | Image: Vieux Eyewear

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 2 March 2024

Whose grand plan was it to sneak an extra day into February? Goodness gracious, just when we thought this month had gone on long enough, the calendar went ahead and ruined all our plans, elongating the run into payday by a solid 24 hours. Talk about moving the finish line. Anyway, the weekend has finally come and here in Sydney, the Man of Many team is enjoying a full-scale Mardi Gras festival. The colours, the sounds, the outfits; it’s all happening and there is no better way to spend a weekend. Here’s what is keeping the smile on our dial this week, in Man of Many’s Staff Favourites. Check it out.

Sean Penn in 'Mystic River' (2003) | Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
Sean Penn in ‘Mystic River’ (2003) | Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Mystic River

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

With the Academy Awards just a few weeks away, I’ve found myself looking back at past winners and remembering some old gems. This week, I rewatched Clint Eastwood’s 2003 thriller Mystic River for the first time in years and I have to say, it holds up. The crime drama centres around the death of a teenage girl, the grieving father who will do anything to find her killer and his estranged friends brought together by the grizzly circumstances.

The intertwined but vastly different storylines are weaved flawlessly through the brutal suburban streets of Boston and the performances, particularly from Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, are nothing short of spectacular. Even my wife, who rarely watches movies and can never remember anyone’s name, specifically noted that ‘nobody does acting like this anymore’. It’s a tough watch at times and a tragic tale of stolen youth, but it’s arguably Eastwood’s best film and masterpiece of the neo-noir genre.

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Mont Saint Michel | Image: Vieux Eyewear
Mont Saint Michel | Image: Vieux Eyewear

Mont Saint Michel – Vieux Eyewear

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I lost my favourite pair of sunnies recently so have been keen to check out a few new styles. This week the Mont Saint Michel frames from Vieux Eyewear arrived on my desk in what they call a ‘Brindle’ tortoiseshell style. They come from an eco-conscious Gold Coast brand founded by a father-son duo and are limited to just 100 pieces per design.

Trying these on, you can definitely tell the quality of the acetate and what’s more, Vieux Eyewear says these ones are made from plant fibres that biodegrade in as little as 18 months. While they look amazing on, the one thing I’m a little unsure of is the rose gold on the frames which is a little more ‘rosey’ than I would’ve liked but barely noticeable once you’ve got them on.

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Mario vs Donkey Kong | Image: Nintendo
Mario vs Donkey Kong | Image: Nintendo

Mario vs Donkey Kong

Richie Hall – Video Producer

It’s about time we got a little more Donkey Kong. The newly released Mario vs Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch is a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance game of the same name. Playing as Mario (of course), players make their way through over 130 levels, solving puzzles and testing their platforming smarts as they recover the cute Mini-Marios that Donkey Kong has stolen. This old-school rivalry plays out over beautiful updated high-definition graphics. Mario’s moveset is intuitive, the stage designs feature some genuinely tricky sections and the two-player co-op, where Toad is a playable character, features some clever new twists that reward teamwork and communication.

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Twelve South Book Arc Flex | Image: Twelve South
Twelve South Book Arc Flex | Image: Twelve South

Twelve South Book Arc Flex

John Guanzon – Head of Social

I’m always looking for products to help declutter my workspace, but I’m not going to lie, my desk is still always cluttered. Twelve South’s Book Arc Flex vertical laptop stand though, has been a great little addition to my home office, allowing me to use my ultra-wide external display while saving space on my desk. Now when I say laptop stand, you might be thinking of the type that allows you to keep your laptop open while connected to an external monitor. This one, however, is a vertical stand that places your laptop in a vertical orientation with the screen closed, meaning you take up much less space on your desk. The ports are all still easily accessible, you can still connect to your monitor and peripherals as normal.

Twelve South has always been known for its well-designed and easy-to-use Apple accessories, but this laptop stand is compatible with any MacBook or laptop under one inch thick. The sleek, modern design looks good on any desk, seamlessly fitting in without drawing too much attention, and you have the choice of three colours, black, white, and chrome. It is slightly more expensive than your average laptop stand, but the high-quality sleek design and simple functionality make it worth the extra investment.

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Styler Steam Clothing Care System | Image: LG
Styler Steam Clothing Care System | Image: LG

LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System

Marcus Hurley – Sales & Partnerships Manager

More often than not, I will leave my house with my clothes without having felt the effects of an iron or a steamer. Call it laziness, call it what you will, but among the other responsibilities of adult life, ironing seems to have fallen off completely.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just hang up your shirts, jackets and pants, close the door to your cupboard and have them fresh and steamed when you next need them? Well it turns out this dream is actually a reality.

The Styler Steam Clothing Care Systems from LG is the future. Well, at least, I hope it’s my future. LG’s TrueSteam technology reduces wrinkles, dispels unpleasant odours, and refreshes a variety of fabrics all behind closed doors. With the power of steam and the rather entertaining oscillating hangers, clothes will always look their best by reducing wrinkles, whilst maintaining pants crease lines with the specially designed compartment in the door.

No installation is required, just place it where in the most convenient location, hang up your threads and go about your business. Of the three colour options (Forest Green, Black Mirror and Black Glass) I love the Black Glass. It’s great for that last minute look at your fit before heading out the door.

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Wine bags | Image: A Glass Of
Wine bags | Image: A Glass Of

A Glass Of

Alex Martinez – Media Sales and Brand Partnerships

Well, someone has finally gone and done it. Someone has finally brought the nostalgic goon bag into the modern day and added a touch of class. A Glass Of sells high-quality wines from Australia’s best independent winemakers, by the glass. Much like the feeling of finding an extra chicken nugget in my McDonald’s bag, I was pleased to see the quantity per pouch is actually closer to two glasses. The pouches are recycled, meaning they create less waste in the first place and require fewer materials and energy to make than glass, cans or plastic bottles.

‘A Glass Of’ has partnered with Australia’s top sommeliers so prepare to be impressed by the quality of the wine. Or perhaps don’t judge in the first place? Don’t worry it was a learning experience for me too. I’m not sure if the brand has plans to target busy parents but they absolutely should as it makes the perfect low-key companion to bring to a park, picnic or anything on the go. Just throw them in the bag and you’re good to go.

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Mini Link 2 Printer | Image: INSTAX
Mini Link 2 Printer | Image: INSTAX

Dayna Aspite – Branded Content Associate

Right off the bat, this printer was a blast to use. The design is sleek, so small and light that you can take it anywhere and was just as easy to set up through the INSTAX app. My favourite part about this printer was being able to adjust images before printing, add stickers or simply adjust the angle so everyone was in the frame. I found it super helpful and easier to avoid wasting the film.

A smart little feature I enjoyed experimenting with was the LED light on the side of the printer. Using the INSTAX app and camera, you can draw in the air with the light and see your design come to life in your photo. I think this printer can be super fun for all camera buffs and casual users alike!

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Burger point
Image: Burger Point

Burger Point

Naman Singh – Content & SEO Specialist

If you’re looking for some cheeky indulgence for your next meal, Burger Point is here to deliver with its range of delicious, satisfying burgers, loaded fries, crispy chicken and thick shakes. In fact, the restaurant’s food has even gained international stardom with Lizzo claiming it was a must-visit during her Aussie tour. It’s not just the food that was delicious, their hospitality is warm, friendly and welcoming and the ambience is casual and relaxed, making me feel like I was dining in my own home with my family.

In addition to offering up the classic fast food favourites, they also have Filipino-inspired dishes like Filo-style crispy chicken with gravy, sweet spaghetti and Halo-Halo – a traditional dessert made with Ube ice cream, evaporated milk and fruit jellies. A key highlight was that they cater to all dietary needs and requirements, which means their menu has something for everyone. My go-to order is the Fire Bird burger, Buffalo hot fries and a cookies and cream thick shake. Oh, did I mention that you can order a side of cheese sauce to dip your burger in?

What started out as a single restaurant in Sydney’s Western suburbs, has expanded into a successful franchise, recently opening its Kotara location for Newcastle diners. Pop in for a comforting, delicious and decadent meal at one of many convenient locations across the city. Just make sure to wear your comfiest attire and avoid jeans at all costs.

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Bayab Palm & Pineapple Gin | Image: Spearhead Spirits
Bayab Palm & Pineapple Gin | Image: Spearhead Spirits

Spearhead Spirits Bayab Palm & Pineapple Gin

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

Handcrafted using African-sourced botanicals and infused with fresh citrus and pineapple, this Pan-African gin makes for a truly delightful sipper. It’s bottled at 43% ABV but with the subtle character of a ready-made cocktail (and we mean that in the best possible way). You don’t have to love gin to love this spirit and its floral overtones or its balance of zesty citrus and creamy sweetness.

To explore the eight botanicals used to make this gin is to explore the entire continent of Africa in both its sweeping history and its stunning geography. For example, the baobab fruit that makes up the heart of Bayab’s entire range is sourced from Ghana and Zambia and loaded with backstory. A veritable superfood, it grows on a mystical tree made famous by The Lion King and produces a rich, sweet, and tangy taste.

Meanwhile, baobab is just one of the eight botanicals that make up this glorious gin, hence the unique and addictive flavour profile. Each batch is produced at a solar-powered distillery that sends excess energy back into the local township, giving you yet one more reason to try it out. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks or as the base of a cocktail like a delicious pineapple gimlet. You’ll be glad you did.

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