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Best white t shirts for men feature

12 Best White T-Shirts for Men

You own all kinds of stylish apparel, but your wardrobe is incomplete without a go-to white T-shirt. And if you have been watching Jeremy Allen White tear it up FX’s The Bear, then you know that the garment is the ultimate essential on its own or for layering with an overshirt or jacket to pave your way through various dress codes. However, don’t be fooled by the minimalist underpinnings of this tee. Certain design and construction choices go a very long way in determining how these items perform, and more importantly, fit. Our list breaks down a full spectrum of options and price points, helping you find the best white tees for men.

Best White T-Shirts at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following styles:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

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Uniqlo u crew neck short sleeve t shirt
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt | Image: Uniqlo

1. Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Good

Price: from AUD$19.90

We find the Uniqlo U Crew Neck impossible to fault for the price. You’re getting the quality, fit, and construction of an AUD$80 T-shirt for AUD$20.You have to be careful with the fit and nomenclature as some slight variances mean a completely different fit e.g. the half-sleeve Uniqlo U Airism shirt looks similar but is a completely different cut and fit.

This probably comes as no surprise, but the Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt is still the best all-around white T-shirt money can buy. It comes in a variety of different cuts and fabric compositions, but our pick of the bunch is the classic heavyweight 100 per cent Cotton Crew Neck. It’s a relaxed unisex cut and the hem falls just below the waistline (we recommend sticking to your true size). What elevates this shirt above most is the neckline that’s inspired by vintage military designs with extra binding to retain structure. Oh, and it’s under AUD$20, which means you can cop a few without breaking the bank.

Material: 100 per cent cotton
Type of fit: Regular

Muji heavyweight jersey t shirt
Muji Heavyweight Jersey T-Shirt | Image: Muji

2. Muji Heavyweight Jersey T-Shirt – Better

Price: from AUD$29.95

A step-up in quality compared to the Uniqlo U shirt. The yarn is thicker, the shirt is heavier-weight, and the fit is nice and boxy.If you’re not looking for a boxy, heavyweight T-shirt and prefer a more athletic fit, look elsewhere.

If you want to level up from your Uniqlo U T-shirt, check out this heavyweight option from Muji. It’s very similar in cut and detail, but the 100 per cent cotton fabric is a little heavier and softer thanks to a thicker yarn that’s used throughout the knitting process. You’ll find the crop is about the same, the sleeve length is a little shorter, and the overall fit is boxier. That being said, it’s far from the boxiest T-shirt we’ve tested and you’ll find it suitable for any occasion. Pricing is affordable and you can grab one of these for under AUD$30.

Material: 100 per cent cotton
Type of fit: Regular/ boxy

The Merz b. Schwanen 215 Loopwheeled T-Shirt is easily one of the best white T-shirts on the market | Image: Merz b. Schwanen
The Merz b. Schwanen 215 Loopwheeled T-Shirt is easily one of the best white T-shirts on the market | Image: Merz b. Schwanen

3. Merz b. Schwanen 215 Loopwheeled T-Shirt

Price: from AUD$130

Perhaps the most premium white T-shirt on the market. Super thick sand with double reinforced loopwheeled construction, it will last forever.It does run a little small and it must be said, it’s one of the most expensive T-shirts on the list. Price per wear, however, it’s still one of our favourites.

The revival of the classic white T-shirt can be put down to a lot of things, but Jeremy Allen White’s portrayal of the tortured but stylish chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto in FX’s The Bear has been instrumental. The character’s love of slightly cropped heavyweight, loopwheeled shirts has birthed a renewed love for the classics and this option from German staple Merz b. Schwanen is one of his (and our) favourites. Crafted from 100 per cent organic two-thread cotton, this 215 is a classic-cut white T-shirt inspired by Japanese garment construction. It is a heavyweight option at 8.6oz, however, that does speak to the shirt’s durability and longevity. Importantly, it is one of the most expensive options on this list, however, as our own editor-in-chief, Nick Hall, will tell you, it’s essentially the last white T-shirt you’ll ever buy.

Material: 100 per cent organic the-thread cotton
Type of fit: Regular

Lady white co municipal t shirt
Lady White Co. Municipal T-Shirt | Image: Lady White Co.

4. Lady White Co. Municipal T-Shirt – Best

Price: from AUD$116

Short of a custom-made T-shirt, this is the highest tier of construction and wearability that you’ll find. The fabric is heavy, but not too heavy and gets softer after every wash. Fit is perfect, not too boxy.If you want to add a few white T-shirts to your collection, this isn’t the most affordable option on the market. Regularly sells out, very popular.

Lady White Co.’s Municipal tee is nearly four times the price of the MUJI option above, but you’re getting a flawless, perfect white T-shirt for your money. This knit is cut and sewn in Los Angeles using 100 per cent cotton from North Carolina farms and the weight is perfect for layering with your favourite overshirt or wearing on its own. In terms of fit, the neckline is stronger, higher, and tighter than the Uniqlo and MUJI options, while using a similar ribbed-style construction. Sleeves are also a little higher and tighter which brings a slimming look with it. If you want to add one special white T-shirt to your wardrobe, splurge on this one.

Material: 100 per cent North Carolina cotton, 6 ounces, 200 GSM
Type of fit: Regular

3sixteen heavyweight t shirt
3sixteen Heavyweight T-Shirt | Image: Rivet & Hide

5. 3sixteen Heavyweight T-Shirt

Price: from AUD$153

One of the best all-around options on our list with quality materials sourced in Canada and then cut and sewn in California by the brand. Nice and heavy at 260 gsm, if that’s what you’re looking for.Heavier than the Lady White Co. option, potentially too heavy for some. Very popular, only available in a two-pack, and often sold out.

Challenging for the title of best white T-shirt is this heavyweight option from our friends at 3sixteen. The brand’s shirts are cut and sewn in San Francisco from heavier 260 gsm jersey fabric that’s custom-knitted in Canada (shrinkage is minimal). You’ll appreciate how much thought has gone into the collar to prevent it from sagging after multiple wears, thanks to the triple-needle cover stitch. Above all, they’re well priced for the quality you’re getting with a two-pack costing around AUD$150 bucks.

Material: 100 per cent Canadian cotton, 260 GSM
Type of fit: Regular

Armor lux 70990 classic t shirt
Armor-Lux 70990 Classic T-shirt | Image: Maplestore

6. Armor-Lux T-shirt Héritage

Price: from AUD$80

One of the best value-for-money options, this is a small price to pay for a made-in-France white T-shirt of high-quality organic fabric. It’s perfect for summer as the organic cotton is lightweight but remains structurally sound.Not a great option if you’re looking for a heavyweight option with a very hardy, durable construction. It’s only one step above Uniqlo and MUJI but more than twice the price.

Made in France from 100 per cent organic cotton, Armor-Lux is bringing a seriously high-quality white T-shirt to the table with a nice boxy fit. Compared to the options above, this piece retains a thick collar but swaps the heavyweight high-gsm cotton materials for a lighter-weight option. The brand doesn’t specify how heavy their cotton is, but we’d put it around the Uniqlo U in terms of weight. Finally, the devil is in the detail and we love the subtle anchor logo embroidered at the hem.

Material: 100 per cent cotton
Type of fit: Regular

Whitesville Tubular T-Shirt is among the best white T-shirts for men | Image: Redcast Heritage Co.
Whitesville Tubular T-Shirt is among the best white T-shirts for men | Image: Redcast Heritage Co.

7. Whitesville Tubular T-Shirt

Price: from AUD$110 (2-pack)

The standard for classic loopwheeled T-shirts, this model is incredibly durable. The cut is extremely flattering and the seamless design makes for a slim silhouette.Due to the tubular nature of the design, the armholes can be super tight. Additionally, these shirts definitely run small, so I suggest sizing up.

It sounds strange, but when it comes to American workwear classics, the Japanese are simply the best. The Whitesville Tubular T-Shirt, which is made by Japanese brand Sugarcane, is crafted from 100 per cent long-staple combed cotton and arrives about as authentic as you can get. The shirt is a seamless design based on classic American vintage tees, meaning it has a slim cut and a slightly higher neckline, giving a unique silhouette that looks incredibly flattering. The only downside with this white T-shirt is that it is not pre-shrunk, meaning the sizing can be a little strange. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to sizing, as one wash can shrink the shirt by as much as two sizes, however, I’ve always sized up as one and that has generally worked out well. In a way, the unpredictability of the prospective shrinking means each Whitesville T-shirt is entirely unique.

Material: 100 per cent cotton
Type of fit: Slim

Everlane premium weight pocket tee
Everlane Premium-Weight Pocket Tee | Image: Everlane

8. Everlane Premium-Weight Pocket Tee

Price: from AUD$78

Leaning more athletic than boxy, Everlane has carved out a niche in the white T-shirt market without skimping on quality. There’s a little stretchiness built into the fabric and the fit across the chest is top-notch.Some reviewers online have reported that construction and general quality have gone downhill since they moved production from the USA to Vietnam. This is not something we’ve experienced in our testing and we found the quality good overall.

Everlane has quickly made a name for itself as a premium basics brand and its white pocket T-shirt is no exception. It delivers on the brief and is well-priced, made from quality cotton, and offers a premium cut that’s savoir-faire for most occasions. Similar to the 3sixteen option, the cut is a little higher, tighter, and more slimming compared to other options on our list. There’s a little stretchiness built into the fabric, but it’s not thin and will complement your body type, no matter what. The shirt was previously made in the USA, but they’ve since moved production to Nobland International Korea factory in Ho Chi Minh, VN.

Material: 100 per cent cotton, 6.2 ounces, 210 GSM
Type of fit: Normal length, slightly tighter chest, higher sleeves

Buck mason pima classic tee
Buck Mason Pima Classic Tee | Image: Buck Mason

9. Buck Mason Pima Classic Tee

Price: from USD$45

Made in Pennsylvania from USA-grown 100 per cent Supima cotton, this white tee masters the basics of construction and wearability. Sleeves are perfectly slender, unlike so many options on our list.While we’ve never experienced this ourselves in wearing, some reviewers online have reported issues like increased wear and shrinkage as early as the first wash.

Behold the wonders of premium 100 per cent Supima cotton with this clean crew neck from American apparel brand Buck Mason. Like so many great options on our list, this white T-shirt is made from USA-grown milled 140 GSM jersey knit at BM Knitting Mills in Mohnton, PA. It’s offered in a standard fit with a straight hem, and is garment-washed with enzymes to generate a “lived-in” feel from the moment you first throw it on. Above all else, we love the sleeves that aren’t too wide and offer a nice slim profile.

Material: 100 per cent Supima cotton, 140 GSM,
Type of fit: Regular

Son of a tailor cotton t shirt
Son of a Tailor Cotton T-Shirt | Image: Son of a Tailor

10. Son of a Tailor Cotton T-Shirt

Price: from AUD$99

Between its custom design options and high-quality construction, this luxurious tee leaves nothing to be desired. With better materials and a custom production process comes a higher price point, naturally.

Custom-made to order from 100 per cent extra-long-staple Supima cotton (OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified), Son of a Tailor’s white T-shirt for men gets our vote as the best luxury option. Not only is this material durable and soft, but it’s all-natural (and thus biodegradable) and doesn’t skimp on quality. You can choose your weight (medium or heavy), colour, and then design the shirt based on your height, weight, age, shoe size, chest size, and desired fit. It’s the ultimate buying experience and the result is a perfect white T-shirt.

Material: 100 per cent Supima cotton
Type of fit: Custom made-to-order

Wolf vs goat supima cotton short sleeve crew neck nero
Wolf vs. Goat Supima Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck Nero | Image: Wolf vs. Goat

11. Wolf vs. Goat Supima Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck Nero

Price: from USD$88

An Italian-made shirt that starts soft and gets even more comfortable over time while retaining ample structure. It strikes the perfect balance between weight and breathability.This is a very expensive shirt and is priced similarly to the custom-made Son of a Tailor option. Still, it’s hard to fault Italian craftsmanship.

Made in Italy from 100 per cent Supima cotton, this super soft option from Wolf vs. Goat is often sold out with a cult-like following for its quality. It strikes a perfect balance in weight, cut, and durability with a raw-edged hem and 160 GSM weight that’s neither too heavy nor too light. Comfortable at first wear, it gets even softer over time to deliver the best of all worlds. On the pricier side perhaps, but this one is worth every penny.

Material: 100 per cent Supima cotton, 160 GSM
Type of fit: Regular

Banana republic authentic supima crew neck t shirt
Banana Republic Authentic SUPIMA Crew-Neck T-Shirt | Image: Banana Republic

12. Banana Republic Authentic SUPIMA Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Price: from AUD$59.95

What’s not to like about American-grown Supima cotton and an athletic fit that forms to your body’s muscles? This is also one of our favourite white T-shirts for layering as it’s lightweight and breathable.Only really suitable for men with an athletic, gym-refined look. The fabric is soft, but it can be a little see-through in sunlight.

When you’re looking for a more athletic fit, check out this trusty white T-shirt from Banana Republic. This is a brand that has basic performance down to a science and they’ve delivered a T-shirt that offers the many benefits of soft American-grown Supima cotton with a straight hem, short sleeves, and hots at the hip for a tighter-than-average fit. It’s a lighter-weight fabric too, so it breathes better in warmer months, however, it’s also thinner and can be a touch see-through in bright lights. We prefer to layer this one with an overshirt, but if you have an athletic, gym-honed look, this is a great standalone option too.

Material: 100 per cent Supima cotton
Type of fit: Regular

Alternatives to These White T-Shirts

If the options above don’t suit your needs, check out these alternatives:

  • Merz b. Schwanen Good Originals 1950s T-Shirt (from AUD$110): Outrageously expensive, outrageously high quality, these are form-fitting white T-shirts (we recommend going a size up) that have unmatched construction. You’re looking at no sideseams, triangle inserts under the arms to stop scrunching, and loop-wheeled fabric from Germany. However, there’s no real reason to go for something this expensive unless you have money to burn.
  • Zara Textured T-Shirt (from AUD$49.95): This is a great standalone option that’s ready to be worn with jeans and chino pants. However, we wouldn’t recommend layering this one as the cut is boxy, long through the waist, and textured in a way that isn’t complementary to overshirts. There’s also more polyester than cotton in this shirt which is why it doesn’t make the cut for our main list.
  • Arket Heavyweight T-Shirt (from USD$35): Similar to the Uniqlo U and MUJI options on our list, this white T-shirt from Arket is made from heavyweight 220 GSM cotton and offers a relaxed fit. It’s more expensive than other options and doesn’t stand out enough to make the main list.
  • ProClub White T-Shirt (from AUD$8): Cheap as chips, this is a 100 per cent cotton white T-shirt that’s good for layering. In our testing, however, we found that the quality degrades after each wash. Still, it’s absurdly cheap and you could buy multiple to rotate through. Great if you want a very boxy look.
  • Velva Sheen Short Sleeve T-shirt (from AUD$119): Another great option, but expensive and no better than the 3sixteen or Lady White Co. options on our list.

Now, we’ll explain our testing rationale and why we chose these tees.

Why You Should Trust Our List

This list has been expertly curated by authors Ben McKimm and Jacob Osborn who have combined experience of more than 10 years writing in the fashion industry. The pair has tested these white T-shirts and ranked them based on the quality of construction, how they fit, and their value-for-money proposition.

What Makes a Great White T-Shirt?

These are the things you should look for in a great white T-shirt:

  • Price: More than any other garment in your wardrobe, price often dictates whether or not a white T-shirt is worth buying. Uniqlo and MUJI both offer tees from 100 per cent cotton for under AUD$30, but you can get custom options that are made in the USA for AUD$100. Think about how you want to wear your tee (layering, not layering), how often you wash your clothes (they’re high maintenance), and how regularly you plan on wearing them. We like to have a mix of both, opting for a more expensive special occasion tee paired with plenty of cheaper options for everyday wearing.
  • Materials and Weight: Choose a weight that suits your individual scenarios and personal preferences. The higher the GSM, the heavier the shirt. This affects layering, heat, and durability. Heavier shirts with boxy cuts aren’t great for layering with overshirts, but they’re great for jackets. On the other hand, lightweight T-shirts are great for summer, but they tend to show more skin.
  • Cut, Fit, and Style: Boxy cuts are great for wearing as standalone pieces or with larger jackets, they’re also more suitable for men with larger body types as they’re more flattering to curves. On the other hand, thinner, lightweight shirts with shorter sleeves and higher necklines are more suitable for thinner men or those with a gym-honed athletic fit. We recommend starting with a Uniqlo U T-shirt, figuring out what works, and going from there.

Now, let’s answer some of your burning questions.

Your FAQs Answered

What T-shirt is better than Uniqlo?

The Muji Heavyweight Jersey T-Shirt is a great alternative to the Uniqlo U option because it’s made from higher quality cotton fabrics, is heavier in weight, and offers a boxier cut while only costing AUD$10 more.

Is it worth spending more than $100 on a plain white T-shirt?

Spending more than $100 on a white T-shirt means knowing where the fabrics are sourced from, what GSM these fabrics are, the exact dimensions, where the tee is made, and heavier, boxier cuts that will look better and last longer. Still, Uniqlo and Muji both offer good-quality options for under AUD$30.

Can you layer a white T-shirt with a button-up shirt?

If you want to layer a white T-shirt with a button-up shirt or overshirt, we recommend choosing a thinner, lighter tee with a 200GSM or lower rating. Find a shirt with slimmer sleeves, a higher more durable collar, and a longer waist that can be tucked in.

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