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ALDI’s First-Class Travel Range Just Landed

It’s no accident that ALDI seems to know exactly what it is the people want at any given time. It’s why hordes of Aussies flock to ALDI stores for pretty much any item under the sun, plus some groceries, of course. This time, they’ve truly outdone themselves, releasing a boujee AF travel range just in time for Australia’s yearly exodus to Bali, Greece, and the rest of Europe. With thousands of Aussies across the country preparing for a long-overdue winter escape abroad, ALDI’s Travel in Style Special Buys range couldn’t come at a better time.

The range is available in stores from Wednesday 15 June, and includes everything from suitcases, duffle bags, luggage covers, suitcases, scales, backpacks, travel organisers and endless accessories such as travel glasses, travel pillows, travel toiletry bags and plenty more!

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Aldi travel special buy bag kit

Image: ALDI

When: Wednesday 15 June 2022
What: ALDI Travel in Style Special Buys
Where: ALDI stores across Australia

We know just how stressful it is planning a trip away, so anything that makes it a little bit easier is much-welcomed, and with ALDI’s new range, all you have left to think about is the fun stuff and how you’re going to entertain yourself for the long flight. And, because it’s been a while since your last trip, we can bet that new travel accessories are on the top of everyone’s list. Say goodbye to that ratty old suitcase and mouldy travel toiletries that have been stuffed away in the bathroom cupboard, and say hello to a brand-spanking-new collection complete with everything you need to enjoy your holiday in style.

Our favourite picks include the Premium Travel Backpack for a cool $24.99 and Anti-Theft Cross Body Bag for just $19.99. The best part, both bags, as well as the suitcase range, come in black and olive so you can be completely coordinated. We also love how ALDI stocks the little things that are oh-so-important when travelling with comfort at the forefront, like their True Wireless Earbuds with ANC for $79.99, which means you can have tunes, podcasts or whatever it is you like playing in your ears for the whole journey! For extra comfort, ALDI also has a matching set of Men’s Travel Sweat Hoodie & Sweat Pants for $14.99 each and a matching Women’s Travel Tracksuit for $29.99 that you won’t be able to resist.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities and want to take a closer look, head to the ALDI Special Buys page here to know if the items will be available at their local ALDI to stock up in time for your next trip.

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