Vegemite $2 coins

Vegemite $2 Coin Hits Aussie Supermarket, Celebrating 100 Years of Yeasty Goodness

The yeasty goodness will grace the $2 coin in a limited-time collaboration between Woolworths, Vegemite, and the Australian Mint, celebrating 100 years of service on our bread and crackers.

Customers at Woolworths will be able to pick up the coins through the supermarket tills, and of course, an element of luck is involved so may the mite be with you. The good news is that Woolworths will be releasing a new coin each week over a three-week period with different coloured circles (yellow, red and black) and designs to give you the best chance of finding a special coin. Three million coins will be circulated.

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Vegemite $2 coin yellow

Vegemite $2 coin yellow | Image: Royal Australian Mint

It’s the design that really caught our eye, and while it’s hardly the rarest $2 coin to find its way out of the vault at the Royal Australian Mint, we think it looks pretty awesome. With plenty of Aussie nostalgia, the first coin to be released features a jar of Vegemite as its focal point, with the words “100 MITEY YEARS” at the bottom.

The second coin will feature a child-eating (quite a large) piece of bread with the classic Vegemite spread on top alongside the phrase “Happy Little Vegemites.” While the third and final coin depicts a classic piece of vegemite toast with the words “Tastes Like Australia,” encased in a black ring.

In a statement, Woolworths brand and marketing director, Jane Saleh, said the collaboration is a milestone moment for the brands involved. “It’s been a staple in the shopping baskets of Australians for years; we’re delighted to be a part of the celebrations for this iconic brand’s centenary,” she said.

And while coin hunters won’t be looking too hard for the special Vegemite pieces, the upcoming Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse $2 coins will surely get their attention. Each release will be included in the release posts on the Mint’s Facebook page, website and newsletters.

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Vegemite $2 coin red

Vegemite $2 coin red | Image: Royal Australian Mint

Vegemite $2 coin black

Vegemite $2 coin black | Image: Royal Australian Mint

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