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The woman has been accused of grand theft credit facebook city of roseville california police department

Woman Busted for Swiping 65 Stanley Cups Worth $3800

A hydration heist for the ages! With the Stanley Cup rising to become the hottest product of 2024, it was only a matter of time before the underworld (and by underworld, I mean one lone woman with no previous criminal history) wrapped their tentacles over it. However, justice has prevailed, with police in California recently catching a woman who allegedly stole $2500 (AU$3800) worth of the now iconic adult sippy cup.

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The trunk of the suspect's car was loaded with Stanley cup's | Facebook/City of Roseville California Police Department
The trunk of the suspect’s car was loaded with Stanley cups | Facebook/City of Roseville California Police Department

Last week, the police were called to a store in Roseville, California because someone stole water bottles. A woman had allegedly walked out with a cart full of them without paying. Despite the store staff trying to stop her, she refused and quickly drove away after loading the pilfered items into her car. Later, a police officer spotted her on the highway and pulled her over.

“A 23-year-old Sacramento woman was arrested for Grand Theft,” the California Police Department said in a Facebook post. “A subsequent search of her vehicle resulted in the recovery of 65 Stanley products valued at nearly $US2500.”

Most of the stolen Stanley items were their popular Quenchers, known for their stylish look and long lasting insulation. These bottles have become famous on social media, leading to some crazy videos circulating on various platforms. One woman shared that her Stanley bottle still had ice in it even after surviving a car fire (see above).

The law enforcement agency released pictures depicting the aftermath of the crime, revealing bottles crammed into the car’s trunk and scattered across the footwell. In another image, the stolen items were displayed on a police car, occupying a significant portion of the vehicle’s hood.

The police department hilariously concluded their post by saying: “While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfil your hydration habits. The Roseville Police Department remains committed to stopping retail theft.”

The post follows a recent episode of disorder in supermarkets, where customers clamoured to snatch a limited-edition Stanley cup released for Valentine’s Day earlier this month (see above). “Enthusiasts” apparently formed queues as early as 3am to get their hands on the fresh design.

It’s official: Stanleys have become the new iPhone.

he trunk of the suspect's car was loaded with Stanley cup's | Facebook/City of Roseville California Police Department
Cups on cups | Image: Facebook/City of Roseville California Police Department