The 6 Most Extravagant Houses in the World

Everybody loves taking a peek inside the homes of the rich and famous, right? If just for a moment, we get a taste of what it might be like to live a life of extravagance. It is not often that wealth and style can go hand in hand, but with regards to the following homes that is certainly the case. From luxury villas in Brazil, mountain retreats in Italy, to hillside mansions in LA, these are some of the world’s most luxurious homes.

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most extravagant leaf house brazil

Mareines + Patalano Arquitera /

Just outside of Rio de Janeiro you will find Casa Folha, or “Leaf House”, a stunning home built by Mareines + Patalano Arquitera, which adopts its name due to its unique shape. Drawing inspiration from Brazil’s Native Indian architecture, there are no corridors in the home, meaning trips from each wing involves stepping outside before again moving inside. Using the sea breeze afforded by its beachside location, the eco-conscious home is cooled by fresh air, and as you can see, lays claim to its own private jetty.

most extravagant mirror houses bolzano italy

Peter Pichler Architecture /

Enhancing the stunning views of the Dolomites is the Mirror Houses, a design of architect Peter Pichler. Located in the north of Italy, the two-holiday homes offer a unique chance to spend time in an impressive piece of modern architecture, complemented by the beautiful natural landscape of its surrounds. Rates for the Mirror Houses are probably more affordable than you think, starting at €200 ($275) /night for each house.

most extravagant las angeles california houses

McClean Design /

The Hollywood Hills above LA’s sunset strip is no stranger to opulent homes, but this particular home is in a class of its own. 1474 Blue Jay Way is the no-detail-spared, 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom mansion of Swedish DJ Avicii. With plenty of famous neighbours and an infinity pool with uninterrupted views of downtown Los Angeles all the way to the ocean, even by Hollywood standards this is a truly spectacular address. Using the pool as the focal point of the design, the open plan home by McClean Design has been built as two separate structures, connected by a “skywalk”, which ties the two wings of the house together.

most extravagant modern house 2 point perspective

Hi-Macs /

The Bauhaus was an early 20th-century art school, famous for its unique approach to design, which would later become one of the most revolutionary ways of artistic thinking. The German school is acclaimed around the world for its role in 20th-century culture and architecture, and its simple yet aesthetically pleasing approach is still adopted in buildings of today. One perfect example is this lavish home outside Munich, which pays particular to geometry, minimalism, and perfect symmetry.

most extravagant marcio kogan paraty house

Studio MK27 /

Back to the beach in Brazil, we now find a home built by Studio MK27 that also draws inspiration from the Bauhaus style. Located on the water in Paraty, this pocket of Brazilian coastline is renowned for the beaches that marry its crystal clear waters to the rainforest. This minimal home, as with any extravagant home, enhances the view and aims to blur the lines between indoors and out, and takes full advantage of the tropical climate.

most extravagant concrete safe house

KWK Promes /

When you think of extravagant homes, Poland is probably not the first country that pops to mind. However, on the outskirts of the Polish capital, you will find a truly unique and lavish home. Safe House, built by KWK Promes, is a home like no other. The luxury villa can be completely closed up, allowing no penetrable accesses from the outside world. When opened up as we see here, the house is a beautiful mix of glass and concrete, allowing the occupant’s full views of the forest it is discretely hidden amongst.

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