529 Swanwick RD BC Is a House Worthy of Paradise

Located at 529 Swanwick RD, this house fits right in on Vancouver Island. There’s a reason Vancouver Island is known as the “Hawaii of the North.” A temperate climate that still features the four seasons makes this area a year-round paradise. And it’s picturesque. With the Pacific on one side and the Strait of Georgia and the Inside Passage, Vancouver Island has more beauty than you’ll be able to enjoy in multiple visits. Add in a spring filled with cherry blossoms as well as migrating whales, not to mention the farms, vineyards, and orchards, and this truly is a paradise.

 529 swanwick rd house poolside view

The Swanwick RD house adds to the beauty of the island. The house boasts 10,700 square feet, and is located on a 67-acre parcel with 1,400 linear feet of oceanfront shoreline. The house is a technological feat as well, with world-wide access to its mechanical and electrical controls via the Internet. It also utilizes a man-made “Canyon River” to circulate seawater, which produces geothermal radiant heating and cooling.

 529 swanwick rd house dining and drawing decoration

The house also boasts amenities like a spa and hot tub as well as an outdoor pool, a billiards room, an outdoor kitchen, a library, and a tennis court. The exterior is adorned with white oak, while travertine dominates the interior. There’s also a fully automated boat ramp, a caretakers cottage, and a garage with hydraulic lift.

 529 swanwick rd house billiard and swimming area

It’s no surprise that this house won the 2006 Canadian National Architects Aware and the 2008 B.C. Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Architectural and Environmental Design.

Check it out

 529 swanwick rd house living room

outside pool and nature view

 529 swanwick rd house swimming pool

 529 swanwick rd house outside pool evening view

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