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Guy Digs Underground Swimming Pool In The Jungle

If you were planning on building an underground mansion with a swimming pool, you’d no doubt invest in some heavy excavating equipment. YouTube sensation Mr. Tfue decided that he would take on the challenge using just primitive tools—namely a shovel-like implement and a basket. The build actually took Mr. Tfue 60 days, but you can watch the whole thing in just 16 minutes.

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“I’m from the United State of America (USA),” writes Mr. Tfue in the video’s description. “I’m planning to build Underground City in the wild completely from scratch using primitive tools. Currently, I found a small jungle next to the village in South America to building Underground City.” While the toola promise to be primitive, the photography certainly isn’t—but that makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. Mr. Tfue has incredible precision with the tools that he uses, striking in exactly the right spot each time. In a matter of seconds—not in real-time of course, but in the sped-up version—Mr. Tfue has dug a pit and formed stairs for access. All the excess dirt is taken out and dumped somewhere else, leaving behind an expertly carved swimming pool with a little hidden room.

The video follows increasing interest in primitive tools for construction. University of Texas professor Art Markman comments on this popularity, explaining that we all recognise that a community of strangers comes together to make our modern lives possible. Seeing someone work on their own with primitive tools to achieve something so amazing appeals to us. The other appealing factor is that of self-reliance. “The human mind isn’t just built for thinking, it is built for controlling the body. Unfortunately, many of us spend more time thinking than doing. Watching videos of people building things creates an increased desire for people to build things themselves. This phenomenon is called ‘goal contagion.’ When the task seems doable—as instructional videos are designed to do—it increased the likelihood people will want to engage in the activity. These videos tap into that desire.” That may be true, but underground mansions with swimming pools dug with just a shovel might be best left to the professionals.

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General FAQ

How much does Mr Tfue make on YouTube?

Mr Tfue likley makes about $40,00- $60,000 per month from his Youtube account which has 12 million subscribers and usally over 1 million views per video.

How long does it take Mr Tfue to build a pool?

The build took Mr Tfue 60 days, but you can watch the whole thing in just 16 minutes.