This Clifftop House in Maui Blends Beauty with Environment

There may not be anywhere more picturesue than Hawaii. When you can combine beautiful views with immaculate architecture, something special happens. That’s exactly what occured when Dekleva Gregoric designed a clifftop house in Maui.

car on yard and light bulb on dining

Finished in 2011, after seven years of planning and hard work, the residence stands as an icon of modern architecture that lends itself to the natural elements around it.

clifftop house staircase and two relaxing chair

Designed at several stand alone “houses” under one roof, the structure allows for as many optimal and complete views of the ocean as possible but crafting the rooms as U-shaped units that open entirely on the facade facing the vast sea.

clifftop house inside view from outside on evening

The houses themself are self-contained private units that combine both bedroom and bathroom into suite-like environments. In between the private spaces is a public common area that allows for cooking, eating, relaxing, and living. All these spaces are covered by a supremely beautiful sloping roof that blends into the cliffside. The beauty is only matched by functionality, as the roof was concepted to deal with the common heavy winds that rip through the region. Extending utility even further the roof doubles as a folded wooden sky deck and is structurally sound and able to handle heavy foot-traffic.

Check it out

girls sit on clifftop house footsteps

father and child on top of clifftop house

 maui clifftop house terrace

sea view from maui clifftop house terrace

 maui clifftop house rooftop view

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