Concrete Villa Concept Art Reimagines the Idea of Man-Caves

Mashhad-based architect Reza Mohatashami has a new vision for your hide-away. The Concrete Villa concept art made by the architect and titled “Rocky House,” is actually a minimalist house, but it gives new meaning to the idea of a man cave.

Concrete Villa Concept Art kitchen

The concrete villa is much like what it sounds—it’s a “rectangular cube made out of rock and shaped like a rock.” The villa is pictured on the shores of a lake in Switzerland, where it carves its way back into the rocky face of the shore. The front end cantilevers out over the water and features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that open up the living room area to incredible views of the lake. The roof is a concrete slab that connects back into the mountainside. On the back portion, over what would be the sleeping area, the roof opens up to provide a skylight to let in natural light and for the occupants to be able to enjoy the stunning night sky. While the exterior of the villa uses the flat texture of concrete, inside the walls match the texture of natural rock, giving the home a cave-like quality. In the sleeping area, a shelf juts out of one wall to provide a place to hang a kayak when not being used out on the water. Another shelf is used as an entertainment center. A platform bed makes up the furniture of this area.

Concrete Villa Concept Art

Below the lofted sleeping area is the home’s bathroom. Frosted glass keeps the interior of the bathroom hidden from view. Next to the stairs and in front of the bathroom is the kitchen portion of the villa. An island counter holds the sink as well as the oven and stove. Cabinets on the wall provide storage and more counter space. Both the island and the cabinets have a metal look to them, combining a modern feel with the natural sense of the cave walls.

Concrete Villa Concept Art lounge area

The Concrete Villa concept was designed as an “idea of a home for a rower in the rocks,” but the vibe is that of a true man-“cave.” We’ve got the idea, now we just need a location to make this place happen.

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Concrete Villa Concept Art