Estudio MMX’s Casa Cab Offers Stylistic Descent

The Casa Cab by Mexico City based Estudio MMX faced the interesting challenge of building a house on a drop off that measured 52 feet. At the bottom of this ravine is a dry creek bed that offers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the street above. But how to join the two in a house that could provide all the comforts of home? The answer was to create a building that used a sequence of varying levels to create a descent that paralleled the natural context that was already there.

Casa Cab by MMX hallway

To help the building fit in more with the natural surroundings, Estudio MMX used a design that is reminiscent of basaltic prisms. These geometric stone formations are found in the cliffs of the surrounding mountains. Estudio MMX also used black brick and recovered wood to further make this house seem like a natural outcropping of its surroundings. While the outside is greys and blacks, the interior is warm woods and cream colors, creating a soothing retreat from the outside world.

Casa Cab by MMX kitchen

The house is designed to look like five different rectangular cubes stood up on end. These cubes descend in height—in part because of the slope they are built in, but also by design to help the eye make the transition from higher to lower. The cubes are broken up by large windows that provide views for occupants of the surrounding hillside community. The home is part of Estudio MMX’s new book, “Arquitectura y Territorio.” Edited by Revista International de Arquitectura y Diseno Arquine, the book includes plenty of photos of not only Casa Cab, but of many other homes. The design studio’s unique approach fills the pages of this book, giving readers an insight into the awesome work that Estudio MMX is capable of.

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Casa Cab by MMX inside view

Casa Cab by MMX dining area

Casa Cab by MMX bedroom

Casa Cab house by MMX

Casa Cab by MMX evening view