The Friesen Wong House Offers Peace and Relaxation

The Friesen Wong House is situated near the Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, and serves as a much needed respite for its busy owners, a husband and wife who work in as emergency room practitioners. The couple hired award-winning architectural firm D’Arcy Jones to design a welcoming, eco-friendly home that would provide the peace that they need after a long shift at the ER.

friesen wong house roof with walk way

Standing on a rocky hill in a wooded area close to the park, the house comprises concrete, wood, steel and other natural, robust materials, as the owners wanted to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoor living spaces, whilst preserving the site.

friesen wong house dining room decoration

D’Arcy Jones wanted to highlight the rocky ridge that the home sits upon, so he employed a cantilever effect to do so, helping to connect the interior space with this unique natural feature. A carport, located below the house, features stairs that lead up to a sheltered breezeway.

friesen wong house glass door and pillar

Because of the owners’ desire to prioritise maximum energy efficiency, the house has been insulated using special structural insulated panels that are completely sustainable. Blocky overhangs cover many of the windows, providing shade, and allowing the home to function without air conditioning.

friesen wong house from down view

Probably one of the most striking features of the Friesen Wong House, however, is the Japanese-style charred-wood siding. This finish is very eco-friendly, lasting for centuries without the need for paint or stain. Inside the home, one wall of windows faces the striking Douglas fir exterior.

The house was designed in a U-shape, which serves to enhance light penetration within the home and isolate the living areas from the sleeping areas.

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