House Built on a Slope Overlooks Beautiful Lake

Typically, you’ll look for a nice flat place to build your house. HSU Rudolphy Arquitectos went the other direction, building a house on a 60 degree slope. The Slope House is built two hours outside of Santiago, Chile, on the edge of Lake Rapel. Built of steel and concrete, the house follows the slope, building up three levels to provide a beautiful view of the lake.

Slope House strairway

The upper floor of the home consists of the areas where people congregate—the living room, kitchen, dining room, and terrace. This floor also offers all the services. The roof of this floor is inclined, starting at 2.7m and rising to 4m, which gives a sense of hierarchy to the rooms. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and bathrooms. A second terrace is located on the bottom floor where there is also another living space and ground access to the lake. Each level has walkways that connect the home to paths that lead into the trees.

Slope House

While concrete and steel make up the structure, the house is clad in wood with plenty of glass to allow in natural light. Glazed walls face the lake to provide the best possible views. The natural colors of the wood paneling provides warmth, and connects the occupants to nature. The exterior sports a dark wood, helping it to blend in with the surroundings and not seem so obtrusive when compared to the idyllic lake setting.

Slope House kitchen

The home was built on a slope to help reduce its impact on the ecosystem by not requiring large earthworks to support it. The result is that the house, much like the trees that surround it, seems to be growing up from the land. As such, the home is a welcome addition to the lake shore, making it the perfect getaway.

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Slope House window glass overlooking the view

Slope House bedroom

Slope House evening view in balcony

Slope House balcony

Slope House evening view