IF House by Martin Lucena Reminds You of the Beach

Martin Lucena Arquitetos built the IF House as a contemporary home close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Situated in the Ponta Negra part of Natal, the IF House is a single family dwelling with 420 square meters of livable space—which will be plenty of room for the newlywed couple who own the house and for their two children.

entrance to IF house

Entrance to the home is gained through the garage, which provides two access points—one through the service area and the other through the main entrance. The ground floor consists of the kitchen, a guest suite, and a social area that connects the lobby and the living and dining room. The upper floor has three suites, all of which are connected by an open space.

IF house

The house sits on a slight rise, which helps elevate it and allows for better access to the gentle breeze common to the area. Large windows help with natural ventilation and longer eaves provide more shade to keep the home cool. A double wall construction also helps mitigate rises in temperature. There is also a recreation area and a pool.

IF house kitchen

The exterior of the home is a mix of white concrete and natural wood. With its raised elevation and contrasting colours, the home’s design brings to mind the beach—fitting, given its location.

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IF house stairs

evening view house