In the Dunes Home Offers a Unique Look at Coastal Homes

It’s not uncommon to see coastal homes built on stilts. Still, the In the Dunes Home by Caleb Johnson Studios will make you think you’ve never seen anything like it before and for good reason—you haven’t.

In The Dunes dining area

The home addresses the modern concern of rising ocean levels, receding beaches, and unpredictable weather with a design based on simple geometric forms. Built atop timber pilots and a concrete plinth, this home will be able to withstand the storms that would batter other homes. Of course, that doesn’t mean the weather won’t have any effect on the home—in fact, the house is designed to capitalize on that effect.

The exterior is clad in light cedar panels that will age with exposure, giving the house a classic, rustic beach house feel. The metal roof, as well as the dark metal trim on the windows, will serve to heighten that look. The open area created by the pilots at ground level serves as a carport.

In The Dunes lounge area with window glass

The simplicity of the home is most evident in its structure, which consists of two gabled parts that are connected with a central stairway. Those interiors are kept just as simple as the exterior, with marbled countertops and black granite landings for the stairs. Wood is prolific throughout. Large windows give you plenty of view of the ocean.

In The Dunes stairway

The public areas of the home, as well as a bedroom, can be found on the ground level, where the kitchen opens up to the outside with a folding glass door. A patio with an exposed wooden deck is partially enclosed with steps that lead down to the beach. On the second floor, you’ll find two bedrooms as well as a pair of offices, making it perfect for the retiring couple that will live there to work on projects and to entertain a few guests.

In The Dunes bedroom

There may seem to be something familiar about this house, but the more you discover about it, the more you realize this is a unique home that is ready for many years to come.

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In The Dunes to balcony view with door open

In The Dunes