Koto Elements Brings Joy to Children with their Play Cabin

Every kid should have a playhouse. Whether you call it a fort or a house, the space is perfect for budding imaginations and the creation of childhood memories. Koto, a Scandinavian design company, agrees. They’ve created a Play Cabin that they’ve named “Ilo,” which is Finnish for “Joy.”

koto play cabin

The Koto philosophy is to create “beautiful small buildings that allow people to connect with nature and embrace outdoor living.” They offer “sculptural interpretations” of small buildings popular throughout Europe “from Bothys to Alpine huts and Norwegian Hytte.” Koto provides tiny homes that live up to the Scandinavian ethos of escaping to nature with friends and family. Their play cabin is right in line with that philosophy.

KOTO Elements Play Cabin

The play cabin is a single room building with three walls. The exterior—including the pitched roof—is covered in wood slats. There are four windows, two vertical and two horizontal. The interior is painted a simple white and has plenty of room for games, adventures, and playing. Coming from a Nordic environment, you know this little playhouse, even with its open wall and window, will be able to withstand even the harshest weather, making it perfect for providing “shelter and an opportunity to immerse in nature.”

koto elements cabin for kids play area

Koto doesn’t just make playhouses. They also have a series of one to four bedroom cabins that can be completely customised with a number of add-ons ranging from saunas to outdoor showers. Because the cabins are modular, they can be reconfigured to meet the needs of any given site. The name “Koto” fits perfectly with what they offer. “Koto” is Finnish for “cozy at home.” The company is the work of husband and wife team Johnathon and Zoe Little.

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