Log Cabin Timelapse Build Takes Off Grid Seriously

The Log Cabin Timelapse video posted by My Self Reliance shows what the term “off grid” really means. The video is a condensed, five-minute video of a project that took months. No power tools were used to build this cabin—none. It was made completely with hand tools—tools like a long scribe, saw, axe, adze, and wood carving gouge.

Originally, the cabin was built offsite, where the builder spent an entire summer falling trees then cutting notches. The logs were then brought on site where they were stacked and the project began.

The cabin used primitive techniques in the construction process. One such technique is a Japanese process of fire hardening wood to help preserve it. The fire hardened pieces were used on the roof, where they would be needed to protect against the harsh winters of Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

The cabin remains off grid, using a wood burning stove for heat and for cooking. An outhouse was also constructed to meet other needs.

The dedication of the builder to remain true to primitive techniques and equipment is impressive. Our ancestors used such techniques, but have long since moved forward to modern machinery. To see someone actually return to his roots and build something as simple, yet beautiful, as a log cabin is noteworthy—and worth the watch.

Check it out

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