MH House Blends Rustic and Sophisticated Perfectly

Brazilian design studio Jacobsen Arquitetura has created a beach house that will have you staying indoors rather than being out with the sand and waves. Located on the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the house is a blend of metallic structural elements and charred wood facades. The floors are decked out on sawn granite, while natural woods line the interiors.

The result is a harmonic mix of different textures and colours that will keep you mesmerised from the moment you step inside. The house perfectly blends the deep tones of steel with the warmth of natural wood colours and the purity of white.

MH House outside view

Consisting of two floors, the home features a garage and sleeping rooms on the lower floor with the main entrance and a spacious and open living room with a dining room, gourmet kitchen, and spa on the second floor. There’s also a sun terrace with a swimming pool.

MH House dining area

The build wasn’t an easy project for the team. The location caused challenges in that the house is built on a downhill slope. Additionally, there is plenty of natural vegetation, and they were required to maintain as much of it as possible. Those restrictions led to a lower floor with street access that also benefits from the light reflected by a water mirror to help illuminate the interior. The restrictions also made using construction materials other than steel difficult. Despite that limitation, the result is one that is both rustic and sophisticated.

MH House

The house has a relaxed atmosphere to it—on that is perfect for both a beach house as well as a house that is surrounded by the local forest. This is a place where you can slip away for a quiet moment, or where you can entertain guests with an evening filled with socializing.

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MH House garage

MH House bedroom

MH House outside lounge area

MH House

MH House aerial view