Muji’s Marketing is Unique with the Hotel Ginza Japan

Muji has a unique approach when it comes to advertising. They haven’t run what you might consider a normal marketing campaign since the company’s launch in 1980. They have a “no label” approach to business and they shy away from the limelight, all in an attempt to create an “anti-brand,” minimalist lifestyle. Their latest approach to marketing is the most novel yet—and may prove to be their most successful.

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Above their flagship in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan, Muji has opened a 79-room hotel. The store also includes two Muji restaurants. The rooms come in different sizes and include twin or bunk beds to larger beds. Some rooms are small, while others include a more open floor plan. The rooms are furnished with wood furniture, and the floors and walls match the décor. Muji also used recycled materials, like old paving stones from Tokyo’s trolley system, in their design.

Muji Hotel restaurant

As you might expect, each room is filled with Muji products, from furniture to toothpaste and cotton swabs. You can also rent other Muji items, such as an iron, an adapter, nail clippers, or a scale. And should you like any of these products during your stay, you can swing into the store on your way out to pick up one of your own. It’s an ingenious way to get people to try out your products.

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Muji Hotel Ginza, Japan

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