Photographer’s House is Picture Perfect

Hyde + Hyde Architects have taken an old, unused quarry and turned it into a place worthy of a photo shoot thanks to their house which was, coincidentally, built for a photographer. The house is located near the Brecon National park in Pontypridd, Wales.

terrace of an old quarry building for photographer

Building in an old quarry held its challenges. First, you have to be careful to not bother the walls of the quarry, so Hyde went for an elevated design, raising the home up on pillars and creating a cantilevered building that actually reminds the viewer of a photographer’s camera equipped with a large telescopic lens. The architects describe the home as being an elegant building designed to “collect light and focus on distant views like a camera Obscura.”

house walkway for a photographer

The home is rectangular in shape that is constructed from concrete and timber. The house is clad in red oxidized steel panels that actually help the home to blend into its surroundings. Glazed walls open the home up to plenty of natural light and to a view that refreshes the creative mind.

A raised deck comes off of the side of the home to connect it to a platform that holds a fire pit for those cool evenings when a warm blaze is so inviting. A car port lies under the house.

house in an old quarry inside is a table with chair beside the glass window

Inside, the home boasts four beds as well as a dark room and a library. A secrete cigar room is hidden off of the library. The middle of the home, where the bridge to the fire pit platform is found, is open to the exterior. The entire home is kept very minimal. The effect is that the home remains as a backdrop to the subject of the photographer’s lens.

Exposed OSB provides an interesting texture for use as a backdrop to any photos. This is a home for building memories and capturing them in timeless photographs.

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House for a Photographer car parking space

house for a photographer's timber and walls are concrete