Rat Island NYC Eco Hotel Concept

“I’m heading to Rat Island.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound like that appealing of a vacation spot, but plans are in place to build a yoga, canoeing, or fishing retreat on Rat Island, a 2.5-acre rock island between City Island and Hart Island just off the coast of The Bronx in New York. Owned by Alex Schibli, who picked up the island in a 2011 auction for just USD$176,000, Rat Island has been used by the family for picnics, barbecues, and private outings.

Now Schibli envisions an eco-friendly hotel or camp. Pablo Jendretski, the project’s architect, says, “We are in the process of designing ideas for possible structures.” Maybe some thought should be put into a new name as well.

New York's vacation spot Rat Island

Drawings for the project show ten small wood cabins that are completely self-contained. The cabins are designed with no windows on the side, but the front and back are completely open. For power, the cabins will have to rely on solar power, and water for showers and toilets will have to be harvested from rainwater.

Eco Hotel in Rat Island NYC

“It’s very much in the early stages, but the potential is exciting,” states Schibli. “It’s been a lot of fun letting our imaginations run wild.” No word on what the project will cost, but charges for staying will be based on “comparable overnight getaways”—though what could compare to Rat Island?

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