Reconnect with the Universe in the Panorama Glass Lodge

To truly enjoy a starry night decorated by the northern lights, you need to go to the Panorama Glass Lodge just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. The remote and secluded location of this cabin helps mitigate any light pollution that might interfere with your view of the night sky, but it’s the open view of the sky above that really frees you to enjoy the majesty.

couple sit on panorama glass lodge bathtub

Described as a “glass house igloo”, the Panorama Glass Lodge is largely glass. The walls and roof of the master suite are completely see through, allowing for spectacular views. You’ll enjoy the entire show as ribbons of light dance across the sky during the Aurora Borealis or bask in the Midnight Sun. And because you’re still inside, you won’t have to worry about the weather or the cold air outside. If you’re more adventurous and not worried about the chilly temperature, you can luxuriate in a hot tub just outside the igloo where you can relax and let the stress and tension of life float away to the stars above.

panorama glass lodge bedroom

Nature has even more treats for you with this little retreat. Depending on the season, you may also get to see sunbathing seals or migrating whales in the fjord from the beach.

panorama glass sink and light bulb

The igloo has a small, fully equipped kitchen with two electrical stoves, a toaster, a water heater, and a fridge. The bathroom has a large rainforest shower, and the igloo has free wifi.

Check it out

panorama glass lodge covered bathtub with footstep

panorama glass lodge evening view from the bedroom

light bulb electric kettle beside the sink

a couple talks on panorama glass lodge bedroom

panorama glass lodge top view

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