Red Hill House is Award-Winning Simplicity at Work

Simplicity and sophistication are the hallmarks of the Red Hill House by Mathieson Architects. Located in Canberra, Australia, the home is minimalism to the extreme, making use of interlocking rectangular shapes to form the living area. Hedges keep the home hidden from the street while also creating a forecourt area that provides entrance to the home.

red hill house outside look

The home has a sprawling sense to it, thanks to a design that has the parts laid out ground level rather than stacked on top of each other. The result is that the layout makes the Red Hill House feel roomy, spacious, and open. Inside, that roominess is enhanced by the double-height foyer—the only part of the home that extends beyond ground level—that leads into the main living area.

red hill house bedroom

The walls are painted a plain white, complementing the limestone floors and allowing for the home to feel even lighter. Providing accents to the Red Hill House are the dark-stained American oak pieces that decorate several walls as well as the contemporary fixtures done in black. A pavilion leads to the tennis court and also works to house the garage.

red hill house kitchen

A pool is hidden under a loggia—a covered corridor—where you will also find a steam room. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are interspersed throughout the home, allowing the openness of the dwelling to extend out into the gardens, terraced lawns, and reflection ponds. The home consists of six bedrooms and bathrooms.

red hill house side view with chairs

The Red Hill House was awarded the Robert Foster Award for Light in Architecture at the recently held ACT Architecture Awards 2019 and Australian Institute of Architects ACT Awards 2019 in the category of Residential Architecture—Houses (New).

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red hill house garage

red hill house pond view