Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Employs Smoke and Mirrors

Well, maybe not smoke, but the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel does use mirrors to pull of an illusion any magician would be proud of. The hotel is clad in mirrors that make it disappear, blending into the rugged surroundings so perfectly that you lose sight of it entirely. The hotel sits on a 250 acre plot nestled between Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio, and Pueblo Garzon. It consists of 13 cabins and was designed specifically with wine lovers in mind—which makes sense, given there’s a winery on premise.

bedroom view of sacramonte landscape hotel

MAPA Architects conceived the idea for the modular, prefabricated cabins. The cabins were assembled in a factory in Montevideo and then transported 200 km to the site, where the camouflaged structures blend right in. The bedroom is located at the front of the structures, hidden behind a smoke glass wall which creates the effect of a one-way mirror. Inside, guests can gaze out at the world, while outside, the mirror makes the cabin virtually disappear. At the back are the kitchen and bathroom, though an onsite farm-to-table restaurant negates the need of the kitchen. Each cabin also has a private deck that mimics its surroundings. Each cabin features steel, glass, dark stone for the floors, and oak paneled walls. The furniture is contemporary, making for a cozy feel as guests experience the wine and the view. And that’s where the hotel’s second magic trick happens—making your cares and stresses disappear as well.

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animal skin on the lounge

sacromonte landscape hotel top view

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