Sketch Architects Prove Chivalry Isn’t Dead with their House Design

Things can get tight in South West London, but that doesn’t’ mean that there isn’t room for chivalry, as is proven by Sketch Architecture’s Chivalry House. The original house was a traditional terrace home, but it was packed with small, segregated rooms, which didn’t fit in with what the owner was looking for. Sketch reconfigured the layout. They lowered the floors and removed partitions. A glazed extension was added, with a glass ceiling to create a greater sense of space. Steel beams were used to expand the square footage by adding onto the kitchen. A double-height stairway was also added, and provides plenty of sunlight even down into the basement. Where the basement had been a dark and gloomy space, it is now a functioning part of the home, with a playroom and a family room. The house is a mix of textures, with exposed brick, steel beams, finished walls, and wood. The house has gone from cramped quarters to open comfort. With the extra space, the family can be together, while also finding solace in a now-usable basement or by venturing to their own room—there are five bedrooms and a master suite. Chivalry is definitely alive and well, and it lives in South West London.

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Architects Design sketch

Architects Design kitchen

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Architects Design house

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