Take the Plunge in the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa

It might look like a pile of driftwood, but the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa in Harads, Sweden, offers a luxurious experience that will stay in your memories forever.

The design of the hotel is inspired by the logjams that once clogged up the Lule River, which travels some 280 miles through the northern section of Sweden. Once an important route for moving timber, the river has since been cleaned out and is now the site for a luxurious hotel and spa.

“The design is inspired by the timber floating era, and the importance of forests for the entire country’s development,” explains AnnKathrin Lundqvist, the Project Manager for the Artice Bath Hotel. “The main building is inspired by a jam of floating timber in the river. All the buildings will be built out of local wood from the region.”

arctic hotel and spa

The hotel portion of this eye-catching destination consists of six double hotel rooms on land and 12 private cabins that float on the river, along with a shop, bar, and restaurant. The whole complex is joined together by floating walkways. Each of the rooms offers a spectacular view of the Northern Lights.

During the summer, the hotel will float freely on the river, but come winter, ice will lock it in place. According to the developers, the hotel is perfect for small conferences, group events, or private parties. A stay in the hotel will start at $5,500 Swedish krona, which includes breakfast.

Arcitic Bath Hotel and Spa bedroom

As for the spa, the premiere treatment involves the popular sauna treatment, which involves dips in cold and hot baths. The spa also offers a sauna, yoga, meditation, and lensing sessions. There is also a crystal healing session. Guests will also benefit from nutritious fare on the menus. The complex offers one spa treatment room, four saunas, an outdoor cold bath (which is kept at 39 degrees Fahrenheit), and a hot bath.

Sunbathing and ice bathing is also encouraged in the centre of the hotel.

Arcitic Bath Hotel and Spa aerial view

The Arctic Bath is a sister hotel to Harads’ Treehotel and was designed by Bertil Harstrom and Johan Kauppi.

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