The Peninsula House Offers Stunning Views

If Swiss Family Robinson appealed to you as a kid, then the Peninsula House by Sao Paulo, Brazil, based Bernardes Arquitetura will be right up your alley. The house is built on a steep cliff just outside of Guaruja. From that point, you can see a stunning view of the bay below, as well as the verdant landscape of the sanctuary.

lounge area peninsula house

The house consists of three levels. On the ground floor, you’ll find four guest rooms and a TV room. The middle level boasts the dining room, living room, a kitchen, and the swimming pool, while on the final floor you’ll find the owner’s private suite of bedrooms. The base of the home is shaped like a rectangle, while the top-floor is a triangle. The middle floor, between the two, is an open space consisting of floor to ceiling windows as a deck area, which provides plenty of space to take in the view of the expansive ocean beyond.

stair way house

Furniture from local designers provides a welcoming atmosphere. The house is clad in natural wood from the area to finish off the design elements. As interesting as the house is, however, it plays second fiddle to the view and surroundings—which was obviously the intent of the architects. Rather than trying to outdo the splendour of the bay and cliff, they accentuated it with a house that fits into the existing beauty.

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sea side peninsula house

aerial view house