Treow Brycg House is a Luxurious Bunker

When things go south, you’ll want a safe, secure place to go—a bunker that can withstand anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do so in comfort and luxury. The Treow Brycg House, designed by Omar Gandhi, isn’t necessarily a “bunker” in the strictest sense, and certainly that wasn’t the driving force behind the project, but this house on the coast of Nova Scotia certainly looks the part.

treow brycg house firepit

The slanted form of the house was inspired by the gambrel-roofed barns of Nova Scotia, where the harsh coastal climate can wreak havoc on a building. With that in mind, the designers chose to go with materials that could take a beating. They used extra-dark bronze aluminium for the siding and set it on a base of concrete with blackened timber filling in the rest. The house has plenty of windows, which give the house more of a feeling of being a machine gun bunker looking out over Kingsburg beach and ocean.

outside view treow house

The inside consists of two stories. Where the outside is cold and solid, the inside is all warmth and comfort. The walnut finishes accent well with the brass fixtures. A cantilevered deck provides access to the water. Or if you’re more in the mood for staying inside, there is a large, ground-level terrace that houses a plunge pool and a fireplace. The terrace is enclosed by a canted wall and a slatted screen, providing privacy and a quiet place.

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