Tu Croquis Cabin Casa: a Spanish Escape in the Wilderness

Setting up an abode in the wilderness is the dream for plenty: especially those cooped up in an office cubicle all day. Here, you need look no further than Spain to find a company that provides the some of the most uniquely stunning architectural designs for homes, offices and other structural spaces. The spaces from Tu Croquis will amaze anyone with a brash sense of style and taste. These mathematically engineered spaces have a life their own. Here’s why.

lounge area tu croquis casa

Take a look, for example, at a cabin structure the company has in its design portfolio. The Tu Croquis Cabin Casa is a cabin house that is traditionally A-frame that leaves a small but versatile footprint. There are high ceilings from the A-frame style design scheme, but the rear shows areas of a balcony plus a storage shed/garage area attached below. All are integrated into the simple rectangle foundation format.

lounge area tu croquis casa

To secure a cabin like this for a rural or wooded area is the perfect quiet space that provides comfort, inspirational design and utility all in one. Find such a cabin from the people over at Tu Croquis in Spain.

Check it out

tu croquis kitchen

tu croquis under tree

cabin casa front view

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