Unique Bond Street Loft Gets Modern Restoration

The Bond Street Loft is a private home that occupies a whole floor in an original artist building located in New York City’s historic Noho District.

The loft was completely renovated by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. Architect Elizabeth Roberts specialiwww.bangladeshjiggasha.comses in renovating houses in Brooklyn, New York. Roberts and her team are skilled at smoothing over past blights to the property to create contemporary, functional living spaces. Roberts typically preserves as many of the old details of the property as possible. This technique balances the old with the new and gives the house charm.

bond street loft dining kitchen and study area

Roberts and her design team were the obvious choice to complete the renovation of this Bond Street Residence. She was able to retain the historical charm of this property yet create a living space that reflects the residents’ needs and tastes.

The Bond Street Loft houses a family of three. They wanted to transform the 1,500 square foot loft into a two-bedroom apartment that would meet their living needs. Roberts worked to carefully maintain the historic feel of this Manhattan artists’ loft while also making sure that it had all of the modern amenities that this family would need, including central air conditioning.

bond street loft dining kitchen study area

Early in the renovation, Roberts and her team carefully salvaged as many items as possible from the loft to ensure that the restoration would be organic and highlight the loft’s unique charm. Some of the items recovered include a custom tall bookshelf, large double doors and a 150-year old solid porcelain bathtub.

The industrial details of the loft were retained for the renovation. They blend in really well with the minimalist style of the loft. The result is a new living space that perfectly blends the old with the new.

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bond street loft drawing room decoration

bond street loft dining room and window view

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